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Rediscovering the Essence of Blues: Magic Slim & John Primer’s “Slow Blues”

This is the cover of the new Cd slow blues, by magic slim and john primer

If you’re a blues enthusiast, the names Magic Slim and John Primer should be more than familiar to you. Born Morris Holt in 1937 in Torrence, Mississippi, Magic Slim evolved into one of the last titans of the genre, carving out a legacy that continues to resonate with fans worldwide. In a recent article by […]

🎵 Get Ready for Jerry McCain’s Blues Party! 🎵

Get ready for an unforgettable musical journey with Jerry McCain’s Blues Party, brought to you by Wolf Records International GmbH. Featuring the legendary talents of Chick Willis, Nappy Brown, and The King Bees, this upcoming release promises to be a heartfelt tribute to the extraordinary life and legacy of Jerry “Boogie” McCain. Born in Atalla, […]

Review of “Slow Blues” by Magic Slim & John Primer

In the latest issue of Living Blues Magazine, esteemed writer Henry L. Carrigan Jr. offers an insightful review of the two-CD collection “Slow Blues” by Magic Slim & John Primer, released under Wolf Records International (CD 120.107). Carrigan’s review not only captures the essence of the album but also praises the mastery of these two […]

“Slow Blues” by Magic Slim & John Primer Tops Blues Charts

Wolf Records proudly announces the triumph of our latest release, “Slow Blues,” featuring Magic Slim and John Primer, reaching the pinnacle of the Bad Dog Blues playlist for April 30, 2024. This milestone marks a significant achievement for Wolf Records, reaffirming our dedication to delivering authentic blues music to global audiences.“Slow Blues” presents a mesmerizing […]

Celebrating Mary Lane: ‘Leave Me Alone’ Graces Living Blues Magazine

We are thrilled to share that Mary Lane’s soul-stirring album, “Leave Me Alone,” has garnered a glowing review in the prestigious Living Blues Magazine. David Whiteis, a respected critic, offers a deep dive into the nuances of Mary’s music, painting a vivid portrait of her journey and the blues tradition she so adeptly represents. Whiteis […]

Anticipate the Unforgettable: The Upcoming Release of Jerry McCain Blues Party Featuring Chick Willis & Nappy Brown with The King Bees

Prepare to be captivated by the essence of true blues music with the soon-to-be-released Jerry McCain Blues Party CD, an extraordinary collaboration showcasing the legendary talents of Chick Willis, Nappy Brown, alongside the dynamic King Bees. This album isn’t just a collection of tracks; it’s an invitation to experience the depth and soul of blues […]

Spotlight on Mary Lane’s “Leave Me Alone” – A Review by Norman Darwen for Blues & Rhythm Magazine

In an era where genuine blues seems increasingly rare, Mary Lane’s “Leave Me Alone” stands as a testament to the enduring power of the genre. Norman Darwen, writing for Blues & Rhythm Magazine, dives deep into this album, providing insights that both newcomers and seasoned blues enthusiasts will find enlightening. Mary Lane, despite her historical […]

Mary Lane: A Hidden Gem in the Blues Landscape

In an intriguing review by Jari Kolari for Blues News Magazine Finland, the storied career of blues sensation Mary Lane is brought to light, showcasing her incredible journey from the taverns of Arkansas to the vibrant stages of Chicago. The review, originally featured on Blues News Magazine‘s website, delves into Lane’s early days, her unique […]

Bobby Rush Clinches Third Grammy for “Best Traditional Blues Album” at 2024 Ceremony

At the 2024 Grammy Awards held at Los Angeles’ Arena, blues legend Bobby Rush was awarded his third Grammy for “Best Traditional Blues Album” for his 29th studio album, All My Love For You. The 90-year-old icon, known for his deep roots in soul and funk-blues, uses this album to weave life narratives with […]

Announcing the Release Date of the Highly Anticipated Album “SLOW BLUES”

This is the cover of the new Cd slow blues, by magic slim and john primer

RELEASE DATE: 30th January 2024 Following the captivating teaser article, we are thrilled to announce the official release date of the eagerly awaited album “SLOW BLUES”. Set to launch on the 30th of January, 2024, this album is a testament to the enduring power of slow blues music. Dive Deeper Into the Soul of Blues […]

Unveiling the Soulful Depths: “SLOW BLUES” – An Album Teaser

This is the cover of the new Cd slow blues, by magic slim and john primer

Embark on a Musical Odyssey with “SLOW BLUES” Prepare to be transported on an emotional journey through the heart of blues music with the upcoming release of “SLOW BLUES.” This remarkable collection of sixteen slow blues tracks is not just an album; it’s a deep dive into the soul-stirring world of blues, offering a blend […]

New Album Review: “Foolin’ Around” by Jörg Danielsen

Cover image for Jörg Danielsen's 'Foolin' Around' album featuring a vibrant blues-themed artwork with Jörg Danielsen holding a guitar, exuding passion and intensity.

We are thrilled to present an insightful review of our latest album, “Foolin’ Around” by Jörg Danielsen, as featured in This comprehensive review is crafted by Jari Kolari, whose expertise in the blues genre offers a deep understanding of the album’s essence and impact. About the Artist Jörg Danielsen, the esteemed leader of the […]

Jörg Danielsen’s “Foolin’ Around” – A Blues Journey Worth Taking

Cover image for Jörg Danielsen's 'Foolin' Around' album featuring a vibrant blues-themed artwork with Jörg Danielsen holding a guitar, exuding passion and intensity.

We are thrilled to announce the release of Jörg Danielsen’s latest album “Foolin’ Around“. This electrifying new CD has already garnered high praise, notably from Blues Blast Magazine, to whom we extend our heartfelt thanks for their insightful review. Australian Roots, Chicago Blues Jörg Danielsen, originally from Austria, has been captivated by the Chicago-style electric […]

Celebrating the Acclaimed Review of “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” by Clarence Edwards

A Triumph in Blues Music: “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” Receives High Praise We are thrilled to share the news of a glowing review for our album “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” by Clarence Edwards, featured in the esteemed Living Blues Magazine. The review, penned by the respected music critic Jim Shahen, highlights the exceptional qualities of […]

Celebrating Johnny B. Moore: A Blues Legend Deserving of the Hall of Fame

Celebrating Johnny B. Moore: A Blues Legend Deserving of the Hall of Fame Wolf Records Celebrates John Primer’s Induction and Advocates for Johnny B. Moore’s Recognition Wolf Records is thrilled to celebrate the induction of our artist John Primer into the Blues Hall of Fame in Memphis, TN, in 2023. This momentous occasion not only […]

“Tommy McClennan’s ‘I’m A Guitar King’ CD: A Must-Have for Blues Enthusiasts, Now Back in Stock!”

Rediscover the Blues with Tommy McClennan’s ‘I’m A Guitar King’ Blues enthusiasts and music collectors, rejoice! The much-sought-after CD “I’m A Guitar King” by the legendary blues artist Tommy McClennan is finally back in stock. Born in 1908 in Mississippi, McClennan’s powerful voice and distinctive guitar style have cemented his place in the annals of […]

Jörg Danielsen’s „Foolin‘ Around“: Eine CD-Präsentation, die in Erinnerung bleibt

Die CD-Präsentation von Jörg Danielsen’s neuestem Album „Foolin‘ Around“ hat die Herzen der Blues-Fans höher schlagen lassen. In einem Abend voller musikalischer Highlights und lebendiger Atmosphäre hat das Trio bewiesen, dass der Blues lebendiger ist denn je. Christoph Karas, am Schlagzeug, und Martin Melzer, am Bass, legten ein solides musikalisches Fundament, das die Zuhörer sofort […]

Rediscover the Timeless Classic: Mary Lane’s “Appointment With The Blues” Album Review

Cover art for Mary Lane's album 'Appointment With The Blues' featuring a vintage portrait of the artist with Chicago blues legends Johnny B. Moore and Detroit Jr., set against a backdrop of Chicago's iconic blues club scenes.

The legendary prowess of Chicago blues is once again igniting the music scene with the much-anticipated reissue of Mary Lane’s masterpiece, “Appointment With The Blues.” Originally released in the heyday of the genre, this album is a shining beacon of blues history that has been out of reach for nearly three decades. Why Mary Lane’s […]

Jörg Danielsen CD Präsentation

Jörg danielsen live im reigen foolin around

Die Welt des Blues hat einen neuen Stern am Himmel: Jörg Danielsen. Nachdem er 2023 Österreich bei der European Blues Challenge in Polen stolz vertreten hat, steht nun das nächste Highlight an. Am 2. November wird die sechste CD von Jörg Danielsen, „Foolin‘ Around“ im Reigen Live Hadikgasse 62, 1140 Wien, Österreich, über das Blues […]

Discovering the Magic of New Orleans and Beyond

New Orleans, often referred to as the “Big Easy,” is a city that never fails to enchant its visitors. Our recent journey to this vibrant city was nothing short of magical, and here’s a glimpse of our unforgettable experience. The Scenic Route to New Orleans Our adventure began with a drive across the Lake Pontchartrain […]

Climbing the Charts: Clarence Edwards’ “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” Ranks 20th in WITR 89.7 FM’s Bad Dog Blues Playlist for September 2023

Introduction Greetings to all you blues enthusiasts! October has arrived, bringing with it the warm embrace of an 85-degree day, but that’s not the only thing heating up. The blues are still sizzling, and we have exciting news to share. Clarence Edwards’ “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” has earned the 20th spot on WITR 89.7 FM’s […]

Exploring the Musical Odyssey of Axel Zwingenberger: From Classic Pianist to Boogie-Woogie Virtuoso

Introduction Music has the remarkable power to transcend boundaries, tell stories, and unite people from all walks of life. One artist who embodies this power is Axel Zwingenberger, a gifted pianist whose journey through the world of music has been nothing short of remarkable. Born in Hamburg on May 7, 1955, Axel’s career took a […]

Exploring the Deep Roots of Mississippi Blues: A Musical Journey through the Magnolia State

Introduction:Mississippi, often referred to as the “Birthplace of the Blues,” is a state with a rich musical heritage deeply embedded in its culture and history. The vibrant blues scene that emerged from the Mississippi Delta has left an indelible mark on the world of music. In this article, we’ll take you on a musical journey […]

Coming Soon: A Blues Masterpiece – John Primer and Magic Slim’s Slow Blues

magic slim  the teardrops scaled

Grammy and Blues Music Excellence Award-Winning Artists Collaborate on a Spectacular Blues Album Vienna, Austria — October 8, 2023 — Brace yourselves for a blues extravaganza like no other! Two legends of the genre, John Primer and Magic Slim, are teaming up to release a spellbinding album titled Slow Blues CD 120107. This forthcoming release […]

Back in Stock: Tommy McClennan – “I’m a Guitar King”

Release Date: October 30th, 2023 Catalog Number: WB-CD001 Tommy McClennan, one of the most legendary country blues artists from the 1940s, is making a triumphant return with the re-release of his iconic album, “I’m a Guitar King.” This long-awaited release is set to hit the shelves on October 30th, 2023, and promises to transport listeners […]

Mary Lane – Leave Me Alone ( Soon on

After the great CD “Foolin’around” by Jörg Danielsen & the Vienna Blues Association Wolf Records start a new project:There are 2 Ladies, who are famous for the real Chicago Blues:Koko Taylor and Mary Lane!!Koko Taylor presented the Chicago Blues worldwide and Mary Lane sings the Blues since the 50’s until today in every club in […]

Blues Trip USA 2023: Exploring the Southern United States Music Scene

Exploring the Heart of Blues: A Journey through the Southern United States In September 2023, Nicola and Hannes Folterbauer, the CEOs of Wolf Records, embarked on a musical pilgrimage through the southern United States, uncovering the rich tapestry of blues culture and history that runs deep in this region. Memphis, TN – Where Blues Legends […]

Review of Jörg Danielsen’s “Foolin’ Around” by Wolf Records: A Musical Journey

Cover image for Jörg Danielsen's 'Foolin' Around' album featuring a vibrant blues-themed artwork with Jörg Danielsen holding a guitar, exuding passion and intensity.

Wolf Records Report: “Foolin’ Around” Review Introduction We are thrilled to share an insightful and encouraging review of our latest release, “Foolin’ Around” by Jörg Danielsen, featured on the renowned Frank Horn, the author of this review, provides an in-depth perspective on the album’s musical journey and its reception within the blues community. Unveiling […]

Jörg Danielsen’s ‘Foolin’ Around’: A Resounding Success, Lauded by La Hora del Blues

Cover image for Jörg Danielsen's 'Foolin' Around' album featuring a vibrant blues-themed artwork with Jörg Danielsen holding a guitar, exuding passion and intensity.

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you about our latest release, “Foolin’ Around” by J. Danielsen, on Wolf Records. This album has captured the hearts of blues enthusiasts, and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the esteemed team at La Hora del Blues for their glowing review. A Harmonious Blend […]

Wolf Records’ Clarence Edwards – Baton Rouge Downhome Blues Soars to 14th Place on WITR 89.7 FM Radio Station Charts

In the dynamic world of blues music, few labels have made as indelible a mark as Wolf Records. Known for their dedication to preserving and promoting authentic blues sounds, Wolf Records continues to impress with their latest release, “Clarence Edwards – Baton Rouge Downhome Blues.” This album has captured the hearts of blues enthusiasts and […]

“Rediscovering Clarence Edwards: Louisiana Swamp Blues Review | Blues & Rhythm Magazine”

clarence edwards

Introduction We, at Wolf Records, are thrilled by the enthusiastic review of Clarence Edwards’ latest CD, “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues – Louisiana Swamp Blues Vol. 9,” featured in Blues & Rhythm Magazine. Clarence Edwards: A Rediscovered Talent The late 1980s brought a rediscovery of Clarence Edwards by the UK’s Steve Coleridge in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. […]

Celebrating Success: John Primer Wins Living Blues Award for Blues Artist of the Year

Celebrating Success: John Primer Wins Living Blues Award for Blues Artist of the Year Wolf Records International is elated to announce that our talented artist, John Primer, has been honored with the prestigious Living Blues Award for Blues Artist of the Year. This accolade is a testament to Primer’s exceptional musical prowess and the dedication […]

Review: Clarence Edwards Baton Rouge Downhome Blues – A Captivating Album of Authentic Louisiana Swamp Blues | Soul Bag Magazine

Soul Bag Magazine Reviews “Clarence Edwards Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” Soul Bag Magazine, the esteemed authority on blues music, has recently published a glowing review of Clarence Edwards’ latest album, “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues.” The review, written by Nicolas Deshayes, provides valuable insights into the album and aims to inform the loyal fans of Edwards […]

Clarence Edwards’ “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” Receives Rave Review

We are thrilled to share an exciting review of our latest CD, “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” by Clarence Edwards. This review comes from the esteemed online music magazine, From Tales from The Woods Music Network. Renowned writer John Howard took the time to explore and appreciate the essence of our album, and we couldn’t be […]

Foolin’ Around: New Blues CD by Jörg Danielsen | Available Soon on Wolf Records International

Cover image for Jörg Danielsen's 'Foolin' Around' album featuring a vibrant blues-themed artwork with Jörg Danielsen holding a guitar, exuding passion and intensity.

Introducing the highly anticipated new CD from Jörg Danielsen, “Foolin’ Around”! Get ready to embark on a captivating blues journey that will leave you craving for more. Available soon on Wolf Records International, this album is a must-have for all blues enthusiasts. With 17 soul-stirring audio tracks spanning a total duration of 75 minutes and […]

“Foolin’ Around: Unleashing the Blues – Jörg Danielsen’s Captivating New Album!

📢🎥 Get ready for an electrifying experience as Jörg Danielsen takes you on a captivating journey in the music video for his hit song “Foolin’ Around”! 🎸📽️ 🎵🌟 Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of blues as Danielsen, Karas, and Melzer come together to bring this track to life. 🎶✨ 📺🎬 Mark your calendars and […]

Clarence Edwards’ “Baton Rouge Down Home Blues” Album: A Must-Listen for Blues Fans

clarence edwards

Who is Clarence Edwards and why is he important in the blues scene? If you’re a fan of blues music, you might have come across the name Clarence Edwards. Edwards was an American blues musician born on November 7th, 1933, in Maringouin, Louisiana. He was a self-taught guitarist known for his raw, emotional style of […] Awards Boogaloo Ames’ ‘Going Down Slow’ 5/6 Stars, Praising Rare Insight into Little-Known Blues Pioneer’s Talents”


CD Offers Comprehensive Overview of Ames’ Skills, Shedding Light on the Issue of Recording and Documenting Blues Pioneers The CD “Going Down Slow” by Boogaloo Ames was awarded 5 out of 6 stars by the renowned Blues magazine The article highlights the comprehensive overview of the skills of a master presented in the CD, […]

John Primer to be Inducted into Blues Hall of Fame: Wolf Records International Congratulates the Legendary Musician on a Lifetime of Groundbreaking Blues

Wolf Records International would like to extend its warmest congratulations to John Primer on his upcoming induction into the Blues Hall of Fame. It has been an honor to have worked with such an incredible artist for over 30 years and we are honored to be a part of his journey. John’s talent and dedication […]

Clarence Edwards

clarence edwards

Baton Rouge Downhome Blues (New Album) “Clarence Edwards: An American Blues Legend” Clarence Edwards is an American blues singer and guitarist who was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States. He boasts a raw and powerful voice and a distinctive style of Delta blues. That combines elements of country, gospel, and zydeco music.Edwards began his […]

Jörg Danielsen & Vienna Blues Association

At the The European Blues Challenge The European Blues Challenge is a prestigious competition that brings together some of the best blues musicians and bands from across the continent. Held annually, the competition serves as a showcase for the diverse and vibrant blues scene in Europe, and provides a platform for artists to showcase their […]

Boogie-Woogie Extravaganza at Vienna’s Metropol

Axel Zwingenberger, Torsten Zwingenberger, and Martin Pyrker Light Up the Stage The performance of Axel Zwingenberger, his brother Torsten, and Martin Pyrker at the Metropol was a celebration of boogie-woogie music and showcased the talents of these three talented musicians. The highlight of the night was the “suitcase-blues,” performed twice, once with and once without […]

European Blueschallenge 2023

Jörg Danielsen

Jörg Danielsen & Vienna Blues Association at the European Blueschallenge The whole Wolf Reacords Team is proud to announce that Austria will be represented at the European Blues Challenge 2023 in Chorzów by Jörg Danielsen.Bands from more than 20 countries with EBU membership participate in the European Blues Challenge (EBC). The European Blues Convention has […]

Eddie Taylor’s 100th Blues Birthday

This is Eddie Taylor, 1923-1985. Learning from fellow musicians including Robert Johnson, Charley Patton, Son House and Memphis Minnie, he came to Chicago from the cottonfields of Benoit, Mississippi via Memphis in the 1940s to join the Great Migration of Blues. Best known for his steady bass lines and distinctive guitar riffs behind Jimmy Reed […]