AL COOKs Birthday

al cook

A Legendary White Face In Blues Celebrates his Annual Birthday Jamboree with his ORIGINAL AL COOK BAND

Every year after the Christmas and New Year celebrations
the pioneer of the local blues scene gives a shelter concert
to his birthday.
After 78 years of life and almost 6 decades on the boards, he
have always meant the world, enters the evergreen bluespurist
takes the stage with his loyal companions and lays the road to the Jurassic Park of archaic country blues with authentic blues.

Although since the 60s the style has already changed light years from his
origin, Al Cook has always remained true to itself and
also shows the young audience that one is still in the age of hip-hop
and rap can still perform the classic blues in a captivating way.

The blues must live and be lived and not to the quasi-museum
object lesson degenerate.
That’s why the longest-serving bluesman always has his
motto trumpeted into the scene.