Review of “Slow Blues” by Magic Slim & John Primer

In the latest issue of Living Blues Magazine, esteemed writer Henry L. Carrigan Jr. offers an insightful review of the two-CD collection “Slow Blues” by Magic Slim & John Primer, released under Wolf Records International (CD 120.107). Carrigan’s review not only captures the essence of the album but also praises the mastery of these two blues legends in delivering slow blues with unparalleled finesse.

The collection, spanning recordings from the late 1980s to 2020, presents eight songs on each disc, showcasing Magic Slim and John Primer at their best. Carrigan commends the alternating order of songs, where listeners are treated to the distinctive vocals and instrumental prowess of both artists in every track.

Magic Slim’s gravelly vocals and biting lead runs resonate through the speakers as he delves into classics like “Just to Be with You” and “Bad Avenue.” Carrigan notes the intensity with which Slim navigates through these tracks, building them to a slow boil with tender yet powerful lead lines.

John Primer’s snarling vocals and dynamic guitar work shine through in songs like “She’s Too Much” and “I’m a Bluesman.” Carrigan highlights Primer’s ability to leave it all on the stage, infusing each note with raw emotion and authenticity.

The collaboration between the two artists is described as a “blistering combination,” with extended jams allowing them to explore every musical nook and cranny of the blues. Carrigan praises their seamless transition between tracks, creating a cohesive listening experience that invites fans to travel leisurely down the blues highway.

Furthermore, Carrigan mentions the contributions of other musicians like Steve Bell, Detroit Jr., and Little Bobby, whose performances add depth and texture to the album, enhancing the overall listening experience.

In conclusion, Carrigan asserts that “Slow Blues” will undoubtedly appeal to fans of slowly unfolding 12-bar blues, as well as devotees of Magic Slim and John Primer. With its rich collection of tracks spanning decades of blues history, this album stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of two blues masters.

Living Blues Magazine and Henry L. Carrigan Jr.’s review provide valuable insights into the musical brilliance captured in “Slow Blues” by Magic Slim & John Primer, offering readers a compelling reason to explore this exceptional collection.