“Slow Blues” by Magic Slim & John Primer Tops Blues Charts

Wolf Records proudly announces the triumph of our latest release, “Slow Blues,” featuring Magic Slim and John Primer, reaching the pinnacle of the Bad Dog Blues playlist for April 30, 2024. This milestone marks a significant achievement for Wolf Records, reaffirming our dedication to delivering authentic blues music to global audiences.
“Slow Blues” presents a mesmerizing two-CD compilation that immerses listeners in the soulful essence of blues music. Across sixteen evocative tracks, Magic Slim and John Primer showcase their unparalleled talents, infusing each piece with raw emotion, compelling narratives, and exceptional musicianship. From the electrifying riffs of Magic Slim’s guitar to Primer’s poignant slide guitar melodies, this album captures the timeless allure of Chicago blues.
Radio Airplay:
“Slow Blues” has garnered significant airplay on WITR 89.7 FM, a longstanding radio station broadcasting since 1989. Hosted by Gary Reinhard, the Bad Dog Blues playlist prominently features our album, expanding its reach and resonance within the blues community.
The exceptional reception of “Slow Blues” is evident in its #1 ranking on the Bad Dog Blues playlist for April 30, 2024. This achievement underscores the album’s popularity and the enduring influence of Magic Slim and John Primer’s musical legacy.
“Slow Blues” by Magic Slim and John Primer epitomizes the timeless allure of blues music, showcasing the incomparable talent of these esteemed artists. As Wolf Records continues to champion authentic blues sounds, we celebrate the success of “Slow Blues” and anticipate sharing more captivating music experiences with our audience.