Boogie-Woogie Extravaganza at Vienna’s Metropol

Axel Zwingenberger, Torsten Zwingenberger, and Martin Pyrker Light Up the Stage

The performance of Axel Zwingenberger, his brother Torsten, and Martin Pyrker at the Metropol was a celebration of boogie-woogie music and showcased the talents of these three talented musicians. The highlight of the night was the “suitcase-blues,” performed twice, once with and once without a suitcase carrier, providing a unique and entertaining performance for the audience. The evening concluded with all the pianists joining together for a community performance, including a 4-handed boogie-woogie piece with Torsten Zwingenberger on the drums. Overall, it was a truly unforgettable night of music and entertainment.

As for Axel Zwingenberger, he is a highly acclaimed boogie-woogie pianist known for his dynamic and energetic performances. Born in Hamburg, Germany, he started playing the piano at a young age and has since established himself as one of the leading boogie-woogie pianists in the world. He has released numerous albums, performed in countless concerts, and toured extensively, thrilling audiences with his musical talent and showmanship.

The Metropol in Vienna is a historic concert hall that has been hosting live music performances for over a century. It has a rich cultural heritage, particularly in the realm of jazz and blues music, and continues to attract both local and international artists.