Clarence Edwards’ “Baton Rouge Down Home Blues” Album: A Must-Listen for Blues Fans

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Who is Clarence Edwards and why is he important in the blues scene?

If you’re a fan of blues music, you might have come across the name Clarence Edwards. Edwards was an American blues musician born on November 7th, 1933, in Maringouin, Louisiana. He was a self-taught guitarist known for his raw, emotional style of playing the blues. In this article, we will discuss the album “Baton Rouge Down Home Blues” by Clarence Edwards, which was released by Wolf Records. By including relevant keywords throughout the content, this article aims to rank well on search engine results pages (SERPs) for queries related to Clarence Edwards, Wolf Records, and Baton Rouge Down Home Blues.

Album Review Baton Rouge Down Home Blues”:

“Baton Rouge Down Home Blues” is a compilation of Edwards’ best work, spanning over a decade. The album features 16 tracks, all of which showcase Edwards’ guitar skills and his ability to deliver raw, emotional vocals. The album is a mix of Delta and Louisiana blues, which Edwards learned from the likes of Lightnin’ Hopkins, Slim Harpo, and Muddy Waters. The tracklist includes classic blues songs like “Crawling King Snake” and “Hoochie Coochie Man,” as well as some original compositions.


Every Night About This Time Antoine Domino (3:43)
Dealin’ From The Bottom Of The Deck Cornelius Green/Bruce Bromberg (4:16)
Crawling King Snake Trad., (4:00)
All Your Love Sam Maghett (5:53)
Down Home Blues George Jackson (5:44)
Well, I Done Got Over It Eddie Jones (3:41)
Still A Fool McKinley Morganfield (3:39)
I’m The One Trad., arr.(4:49)Clarence Edwards
Rocky Mountain Blues Bill Gaither/Honey Hill (3:40)
Don’t Make Me Pay For His Mistakes Miles Grayson/Bobby Lexing (4:00)
I Want You To Love Me McKinley Morganfield (4:91)
Hoochie Coochie Man Willie Dixon (6:05)
Everybody Has Their Ups And Downs Clarence Edwards (4:06)
The Things That I Used To Do Eddie Jones (3:46)
It’s Love Baby (24 Hours A Day) Ted Jarrett (4:35)
Highway 61 Blues Trad., arr. Clarence Edwards (4:23)

A track-by-track breakdown of “Baton Rouge Down Home Blues”:

The album starts with “Every Night About This Time,” a slow, melancholic song that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The second track, “Dealin’ From The Bottom Of The Deck,” is an upbeat song that showcases Edwards’ fingerpicking skills.

One of the highlights of the album is Edwards’ cover of George Jackson’s “Down Home Blues.” The song has a slow, groovy feel to it, and Edwards’ vocals are filled with emotion. Another great track is “Well, I Done Got Over It,” a faster-paced song that showcases Edwards’ exceptional guitar playing.

The album also features some original compositions by Edwards, such as “I’m The One” and “Everybody Has Their Ups And Downs.” These songs showcase Edwards’ songwriting skills, and his ability to write lyrics that are both personal and relatable.

The album ends with “Highway 61 Blues,” a traditional blues song arranged by Edwards. The song has a fast tempo and showcases Edwards’ ability to play the blues with speed and precision.


“Baton Rouge Down Home Blues” is a great album that showcases the raw, emotional blues style of Clarence Edwards. The album features some of Edwards’ best work and is a must-listen for any blues fan. With its mix of classic blues songs and original compositions, “Baton Rouge Down Home Blues” is a testament to Edwards’ skills as a musician and songwriter.

For anyone looking to purchase the album, it is available for purchase on Wolf Records’ website. The website provides a detailed description of the album, as well as sample tracks that give a taste of the bluesy goodness that the album has to offer.

In conclusion, “Baton Rouge Down Home Blues” is a fantastic album that any blues fan should add to their collection. Clarence Edwards’ unique style of playing and singing the blues is on full display throughout the album, making it a true masterpiece of the genre. Whether you’re a seasoned blues fan or just starting to explore the genre, “Baton Rouge Down Home Blues” is an album that you won’t want to miss.