Awards Boogaloo Ames’ ‘Going Down Slow’ 5/6 Stars, Praising Rare Insight into Little-Known Blues Pioneer’s Talents”


CD Offers Comprehensive Overview of Ames’ Skills, Shedding Light on the Issue of Recording and Documenting Blues Pioneers

The CD “Going Down Slow” by Boogaloo Ames was awarded 5 out of 6 stars by the renowned Blues magazine The article highlights the comprehensive overview of the skills of a master presented in the CD, which is a true treasure trove of twelve recordings between Barrelhouse and Boogie-Woogie.

Furthermore, the article addresses the issue of recording and documenting blues pioneers like Boogaloo Ames. Despite playing on stages or in the background of well-known figures of his time, Ames’ own repertoire was rarely recorded, a problem that is common among many blues pioneers. Nonetheless, the CD “Going Down Slow” offers an important insight into the work of a little-known blues pioneer and presents his music in all its beauty.

Klaus Kilians’ liner notes provide insight into Boogaloo Ames’ life and his significance for the blues music scene. Additionally, the article mentions the contribution of photographer Anne Rayner, who captured a powerful image of Boogaloo Ames and his student Eden Brent, which tells the story of their friendship and how they transcended the boundaries of generation, gender, and origin through music.

Overall, the CD “Going Down Slow” is an indispensable collection of recordings that demonstrate Boogaloo Ames’ exceptional talent and influence on the blues music scene. It is a tribute to a great artist and a testament to his passionate dedication to music., the largest blues magazine in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, recognizes the importance of Boogaloo Ames and his music for the blues community by awarding the CD 5 out of 6 stars.