Clarence Edwards’ “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” Receives Rave Review

We are thrilled to share an exciting review of our latest CD, “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” by Clarence Edwards. This review comes from the esteemed online music magazine, From Tales from The Woods Music Network. Renowned writer John Howard took the time to explore and appreciate the essence of our album, and we couldn’t be happier with his feedback.

Howard commences his review by shedding light on the background story behind the album. He mentions the tour that took place in the early ’90s, organized by British blues musician Steve Coleridge, who discovered the exceptional talent of Clarence Edwards. Steve’s decision to record the shows directly from the mixing desk has yielded remarkable results, capturing the energy and brilliance of Edwards’ performances.

Accompanied by a stellar lineup that includes Steve on bass and Ronnie Houston on drums, Clarence Edwards takes center stage, showcasing his captivating vocals and soulful guitar work. The album comprises a mix of original compositions and timeless blues standards, all given a fresh twist by Edwards and his band.

The opening track, a unique rendition of Fats Domino’s “Every Night About This Time,” sets the tone for the rest of the album. Other notable tracks include “Crawling King Snake,” “Well, I Done Got Over It,” and Willie Dixon’s “Hoochie Coochie Man,” which have been reimagined with Edwards’ signature style. Additionally, Edwards presents his arrangements of traditional songs like “I’m The One” and “Highway 61 Blues,” showcasing his ability to infuse new life into timeless classics.

One aspect that truly speaks to the success of Clarence Edwards’ tour is the inclusion of crowd reactions in the recordings. It becomes evident through these genuine and enthusiastic responses that Edwards and his band captivated audiences and left a lasting impression wherever they performed.

To complement the outstanding music, the CD includes a meticulously researched booklet with warm and informative notes from Tony Burke, the esteemed editor of Blues and Rhythm magazine. The package also features a wealth of vibrant color photos, enhancing the overall experience for the listener.

In conclusion, John Howard wholeheartedly recommends “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” as a must-have addition to any blues lover’s collection. With Clarence Edwards’ masterful performances, the tight-knit band, and the exceptional production, Wolf Records has delivered an album that deserves the highest praise.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to John Howard and From Tales from The Woods Music Network for their support and recognition of Clarence Edwards’ talent and our album. We hope that this review encourages music enthusiasts worldwide to explore the captivating blues journey presented in “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues.”

For more information and to get your copy of the album, visit our website or your preferred music retailer. Let the mesmerizing sounds of Clarence Edwards transport you to the heart of authentic blues.

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