Foolin’ Around: New Blues CD by Jörg Danielsen | Available Soon on Wolf Records International

Cover image for Jörg Danielsen's 'Foolin' Around' album featuring a vibrant blues-themed artwork with Jörg Danielsen holding a guitar, exuding passion and intensity.

Introducing the highly anticipated new CD from Jörg Danielsen, “Foolin’ Around”! Get ready to embark on a captivating blues journey that will leave you craving for more. Available soon on Wolf Records International, this album is a must-have for all blues enthusiasts.

With 17 soul-stirring audio tracks spanning a total duration of 75 minutes and 20.56 seconds, “Foolin’ Around” showcases the immense talent of Jörg Danielsen and his exceptional collaborators. From foot-stomping boogies to heartfelt ballads, this album covers a wide range of blues styles, guaranteeing a listening experience that will resonate with your soul.

Featuring the mesmerizing vocals and extraordinary guitar skills of Jörg Danielsen, along with the remarkable contributions of the talented artists Danielsen/Karas/Melzer, Danielsen/Karas/Faltner, and more, this album is a true testament to the power and beauty of the blues genre.

Prepare to be swept away by the infectious rhythms of tracks like “She Wants to Dance,” “JD Boogie,” and “I’ll Be Your Doctor.” Lose yourself in the timeless melodies of “What a Time” and “29 Ways.” Let the haunting lyrics of “Devil on My Shoulder” and “It Hurts Me Too” pierce your heart. And get ready to groove to the intoxicating sounds of “Mexican Blackbird” and “Booze Drinking Woman.” Each track on “Foolin’ Around” is a masterful blend of soulful storytelling and electrifying music.

Mark your calendars and be among the first to experience the magic of Jörg Danielsen’s “Foolin’ Around.” Stay tuned for the official release date, and don’t miss out on this sensational blues album that will captivate your senses and leave an indelible mark on your musical collection.

Keep an eye out for the UPC/EAN: 799582098726 and get ready to embark on an unforgettable blues journey with Jörg Danielsen’s “Foolin’ Around,” brought to you by Wolf Records International. Get your copy soon and let the blues take hold of your soul!