Celebrating Success: John Primer Wins Living Blues Award for Blues Artist of the Year

Celebrating Success: John Primer Wins Living Blues Award for Blues Artist of the Year

Wolf Records International is elated to announce that our talented artist, John Primer, has been honored with the prestigious Living Blues Award for Blues Artist of the Year. This accolade is a testament to Primer’s exceptional musical prowess and the dedication he has poured into his craft over the years.

The story of John Primer’s association with Wolf Records International is one of fortuitous encounters and a mutual passion for blues music. It all began back in the early ’80s when Hannes Folterbauer, the visionary behind Wolf Records, first crossed paths with John Primer at Wise Fools in Chicago, IL. At that time, Primer was a part of Magic Slim’s Band, and Hannes immediately recognized the sheer talent and potential that oozed from the band’s performances. He wasted no time and decided to record Magic Slim and the Teardrops, which led to the beginning of a profound partnership.

Impressed by the captivating music of Magic Slim and the Teardrops, Hannes extended an invitation to the band to come to his hometown, Vienna, Austria, for a tour and additional recording sessions at his renowned Ton Art Studio. This marked a significant milestone in the career of the band, as it was their first experience with a label, and they were eager to share their music with an international audience.

Hannes Folterbauer’s belief in John Primer’s exceptional talent was unwavering. It was under Hannes’ guidance and support that Primer recorded his first solo CD, “Poor Man Blues,” at A.C.M.E. Studio in Chicago in 1991. This marked a turning point for Primer’s career, as he finally had the platform to promote his music worldwide.

The fruitful collaboration between John Primer and Wolf Records International continued to flourish. Over the years, Primer released numerous albums with the label, each one a testament to his soulful blues artistry. From “Blues Behind Closed Doors” recorded both in Vienna and Chicago, to “Cold Blooded Blues Man,” “Easy Baby at the Zoo Bar” (his first live CD), “It’s A Blues Life” with his Real Deal Blues Band, and “Blue Steel” showcasing his slide guitar style, John Primer’s music resonated with blues enthusiasts far and wide.

In 2012, Hannes Folterbauer curated a “Best Of” compilation, “When They Call Me John Primer,” featuring some of Primer’s most exceptional work with Wolf Records. The compilation showcased the depth and breadth of his talent, solidifying his position as one of the blues genre’s finest musicians.

Most recently, Primer released a poignant and special CD, “You Can Make it If You Try,” featuring the Teardrops with John Primer, Nick Holt, and Earl Howell. The live recordings from the ’90s hold a special place in Primer’s heart, as they are a tribute to the late Magic Slim and Nick Holt.

Throughout the years, Hannes Folterbauer and Wolf Records International have remained steadfast in their dedication to promoting talented artists, especially those who are lesser-known and in need of that crucial first break. With unwavering support, they have kept the blues alive, ensuring that the genre thrives and reaches new audiences worldwide.

The Living Blues Award for Blues Artist of the Year bestowed upon John Primer is a testament to the lasting impact of his music and the nurturing environment provided by Wolf Records International. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to John Primer on this remarkable achievement and express our gratitude to Hannes Folterbauer and Wolf Records International for their unyielding commitment to preserving and promoting blues music. Together, they have created a legacy that will continue to inspire and uplift blues enthusiasts for generations to come.

As John Primer’s journey with Wolf Records International continues, we eagerly anticipate more musical treasures from this blues maestro. The world is ready to be enthralled once again by the soul-stirring tunes of John Primer & The Real Deal Blues Band.