“Rediscovering Clarence Edwards: Louisiana Swamp Blues Review | Blues & Rhythm Magazine”

clarence edwards


We, at Wolf Records, are thrilled by the enthusiastic review of Clarence Edwards’ latest CD, “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues – Louisiana Swamp Blues Vol. 9,” featured in Blues & Rhythm Magazine.

Clarence Edwards: A Rediscovered Talent

The late 1980s brought a rediscovery of Clarence Edwards by the UK’s Steve Coleridge in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Steve’s passion for the city’s blues scene, especially at Tabby’s Blues Box, played a pivotal role in introducing Clarence to a broader audience. Blues & Rhythm Magazine, known for its support of this vibrant blues scene, also played a vital role in bringing Clarence’s talent to light.

A Delectable Mix of Blues Styles

Clarence’s new album offers a tantalizing mix of material recorded at various gigs across the USA, from Texas to Alabama, California, and Illinois. With Clarence in excellent form, the album showcases a wide range of blues styles – from the rolling Louisiana swamp blues of ‘Down Home Blues’ to the iconic ‘Crawling King Snake’ and the pure swamp sound of ‘I Want You To Love Me’.

Talented Collaborations

In addition to Clarence on guitar and vocals, Steve on bass, and drummer Ronnie Houston, the album features the harmonica prowess of Oscar Davis, Harmonica Red, and John Gradnigo, as well as violinists Gina Forsyth and Scott Shipman. These collaborations add depth and richness to the cohesive swamp-blues experience that Clarence masterfully achieves.

Preserving a Vanishing Sound

The persistence in bringing this album to life is acknowledged with appreciation. As the sound of swamp blues becomes rarer in its native environment, this release becomes even more valuable in preserving and celebrating this cherished genre. We take pride in offering listeners a thoroughly enjoyable experience with this exceptional collection.


At Wolf Records, our mission has always been to share the best of blues music with the world. “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues – Louisiana Swamp Blues Vol. 9” exemplifies our commitment to preserving and promoting the rich heritage of blues music. We extend our gratitude to Norman Darwen and Blues & Rhythm Magazine for their kind review and unwavering support of the blues and its artists. We look forward to continuing our efforts in bringing exceptional blues experiences to enthusiasts worldwide.