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Baton Rouge Downhome Blues (New Album)

“Clarence Edwards: An American Blues Legend”

Clarence Edwards is an American blues singer and guitarist who was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States. He boasts a raw and powerful voice and a distinctive style of Delta blues. That combines elements of country, gospel, and zydeco music.
Edwards began his musical career as a teenager, playing at local clubs and juke joints in the Baton Rouge area. He recorded his first album in the early 1990s. He has released several other albums and singles, including “Guitar Man”, “Long Hard Journey”, and “Down in Louisiana”.
Fans and critics alike praise Edwards for his authentic, soulful style of blues music. His strong stage presence and high-energy performances often incorporate humorous anecdotes and storytelling, making his live shows dynamic and engaging. The Louisiana State Legislature even recognized Edwards for his contributions to the state’s musical heritage. As a result, Clarence Edwards stands as one of the premier blues artists of his generation and remains a significant figure in the blues music world.

“Clarence Edwards: Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” – An Album Overview

“Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” by Clarence Edwards is a must-have for any blues fan. This CD showcases Edwards’ raw and powerful voice, as well as his unique style of Delta blues that blends elements of country, gospel, and zydeco music.

The album features several standout tracks. The production quality of the album is top-notch, capturing the energy and authenticity of Edwards’ live performances.

In addition to his musical prowess, Edwards is known for his high-energy stage presence, and this album accurately captures that energy and dynamic nature. The tracks on this CD are not only musically impressive, but also engaging and entertaining, making for a truly enjoyable listening experience.

Overall, “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” is a fantastic tribute to the musical legacy of Clarence Edwards. If you’re a fan of blues music, or simply looking for some great new music to add to your collection, this album is definitely worth checking out. Highly recommended!

“Clarence Edwards: Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” is a CD featuring 16 tracks recorded in the USA. The core musicians are Clarence on guitar and vocals, Steve Coleridge on bass and Ronnie Houston on drums. The tracks feature various local musicians and were recorded in Fort Worth, St. Louis, Edwardsville, and Montgomery, Alabama. The album received positive reviews, with Norman Darwen praising Clarence’s strong and authentic singing. Steve Coleridge partially identified locations and musicians based on his recollections.

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