Celebrating the Acclaimed Review of “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” by Clarence Edwards

A Triumph in Blues Music: “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” Receives High Praise

We are thrilled to share the news of a glowing review for our album “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” by Clarence Edwards, featured in the esteemed Living Blues Magazine. The review, penned by the respected music critic Jim Shahen, highlights the exceptional qualities of this album and its significance in the blues genre.

Overview of the Album

Baton Rouge Downhome Blues,” part of the Louisiana Swamp Blues series by Wolf Records International, showcases the late Clarence Edwards’ extraordinary talent. Despite gaining recognition only in the latter part of his life, Edwards’ mastery in blues is undeniable, as this album vividly demonstrates.

Highlights of the Review

Jim Shahen’s review emphasizes several key aspects of the album:

  1. Versatility and Skill: Edwards’ ability to play a wide range of styles within the blues genre is a focal point. His dynamism as a live performer adds a unique energy to the album.
  2. Mystery and Mastery: The exact dates of the performances and the full roster of musicians remain unknown, adding an intriguing element to the album. Yet, the quality remains consistently high, showcasing Edwards’ and his band’s phenomenal sound.
  3. Standout Tracks: Shahen notes the exceptional vocal and guitar performances by Edwards. Tracks like the swampy blues rendition of Muddy Waters’ “I Want You to Love Me” and the rhythmic “Hoochie Coochie Man” are particularly praised. The album’s versatility is further highlighted in “Well, I Done Got Over It,” showcasing a country blues swing.
  4. Powerful Conclusion: The album ends with a remarkable interpretation of “Highway 61 Blues,” featuring Edwards’ impressive guitar solo and powerful vocals.

Conclusion and Acknowledgments

“Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” is described as a lively and entertaining listen, an archival release of note. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Jim Shahen for his insightful review and to Living Blues Magazine for featuring our album. This recognition is not only a testament to Clarence Edwards’ legacy but also an inspiration for us and blues enthusiasts worldwide.

We invite our fans and music lovers to experience the magic of “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” and join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement in the world of blues music.