Tré & The Blue Knights – Back To The Future

Review By Blues Blast Magazine

Tré is the son of the late Chicago bluesman LV Banks (1932-2011). He made his recording debut on the British JSP label back in 1996 and since then he has released two albums on Wolf (2008 and 2013), and was one of the artists on their 2010 collection From The Country To The City, alongside Harmonica Hinds and the late Eddie Taylor Jr. This album was actually recorded before both those albums, in 2006 in Lyon, France, with a group of French musicians led by Fred Brousse on guitar/harmonica, alongside Luc Blackstone on bass and Cedric San Juan on drums; Tré is on guitar and vocals. Fred explains in the sleeve notes that Tré told him that he wanted to play some Chicago classics alongside some of his originals and this set, recorded as a demo while they were touring in Europe, follows that pattern, with material that we all know and love from some of the all-time greats, plus four Tré originals.

The album opens with a run of five stonewall classics. The band lopes into……. Read The Article