80 years Hans Maitner

Hans’ great friend Fritz Mühlöcker organized a great Boogie Woogie Show! It happened in the concert hall of the Austrian Radio Station! A who’s who of Austrian Boogie Woogie was present:
The show began with Christoph Rois and Michael Pevny, who made great shows with international stars such as Little Wililie Littlefield and Big McNeely. The next act was Petra and Marcus Toifl, who played slow blues songs as well. Marcus played guitar in the mojo blues band as well. Taking the stage next are Sabine Pyrker and Martin Pyrker, another family band! Sabine played a great drum solo during the Boogie Woogie, which Hans liked to listen to. The Austrian Blues Hero and Wolf Records Artist Al Cook played a great slide guitar session before the star of the show took the stage. Finally, it was time for the stars

The world’s leading boogie woogie player, Axel Zwingenberger, played his great piano styles!

The quality of his music hasn’t changed in 50 years! In Los Angeles, he played with Big Yoe Turner. A three-hour boogie woogie and blues tribute to Austria’s greatest blues fan, Hans Maitner, ended today!