Eddie Taylor’s 100th Blues Birthday

This is Eddie Taylor, 1923-1985. Learning from fellow musicians including Robert Johnson, Charley Patton, Son House and Memphis Minnie, he came to Chicago from the cottonfields of Benoit, Mississippi via Memphis in the 1940s to join the Great Migration of Blues. Best known for his steady bass lines and distinctive guitar riffs behind Jimmy Reed on VeeJay Records, Eddie was also a rooted blues singer known for his own hits “Big Boy,” “Big Time Playboy” and “Ride em on Down.” He did not keep his talents to himself but coached promising younger blues artists including Magic Sam and Freddie King. Look him up.

Eddie Taylor married Vera Burns Hill, a blues singer and songwriter (1943-1999), and they spent most of their lives on the West Side, scraping to make a living and raise eight children.

Six grew up to be musicians: my distinguished partner Larry (drums and voice), Brenda, Edna and Demetria (voice), Tim (drums) and the late Eddie Taylor Jr. (drums and voice.) Another sister and brother, Valicia (deceased) and Milton have been great fans. Now Larry, Brenda and Demetria lead their own acts. All the living Taylor siblings are coming together to perform for the first time since the 2008 Chicago Blues Fest. The site is Antone’s club in Austin, TX on Friday Jan. 27, 2023 to mark their father Eddie Sr.’s 100th heavenly birthday.

It will be a great show, with all the musical Taylors plus powerhouse heritage Chicago blues guitarist John Primer and harmonica master Steve Bell. Lord willing, I’ll be there to play a little piano.

You are invited. If you are able, please join us and see this talented family finally get the recognition they’ve long deserved. Tickets are an affordable $17, choose your seat HERE

Happy New Year, and we hope to bring you good music and good cheer wherever you are!

Yours, Barrelhouse Bonni