Dana Gillespie – Boogie Woogie Nights LP

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The great thing about growing up as a teenager in the early sixties in London, was that there was lots of Blues going on. The Marquee Club was famous for putting on young Blues bands like the Yardbirds and people like Howling Wolf and Muddy Waters came over with the American Folk Blues Festival. Yes, it was a great time and my eyes and ears had a ball. But at fifteen I didn’t have enough of lifes experiences to put in my voice so I started out as a folk singer and made my first single in 1964 with Donovan on guitar called “Donna Donna”. But now, nearly 30 years later, and 14 LPs under my belt, I’m happy at last to do a Real Live Blues and Boogie recording. Some of my past LPs have been more in a pop style, and some, like my ACE records of “Blues Job”, “Below the belt”, and “Sweet Meat”, were with my English Blues Band, but now I’ve got the simple luxury to sing with the piano as the prominent instrument in a band. It’s a chance to sing intimately, with special feeling, to put across all the emotion that comes with performing in front of an audience in the great atmosphere of Jazzland. It’s my second home! I know every potograph and crack on the wall. It was here in 1980 that I first started singing with the Mojo Blues Band with Joachim Palden tickling the ivories. It was here also that Joachim had been coming to, since he was 13, growing up, listening to people like Roosevelt Sykes, Sunnyland Slim and Little Brother Montgomery and letting the music get under his skin. We made a couple of LPs with the Mojos and then we both left around 1983 – Joachim to work with Etta Scollo, and I to make LPs with songs like “Move Your Body Close to Me” But when the blues is in your blood, you’ve just got to get back to it, to feel the rhymes, roots and reasons why anyone loves the Blues so. Joachim and I are into our second year of working together and I still get a thrill when he plays some of those hot boogie licks. Yes, a good boogie, like a good man, is hard to find …. but here’s some real good boogie, with the rock steady Helmut Mejda hitting that skins, and Dr.Martin Wichtl and Christion Plattner blowing on honking saxes. The place is jumping, the walls are melting, the beat is thumping, and so is my heart, and the feel of the evening gets put down on tape. Enjoy it. We did. Peace and Love. Dana Gillespie and Joachim Palden

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