Chicago Blues Session Volume 1 feat. Willie Kent – LP

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BIRMINGHAM JONES, born 9.1.1937 In Saginaw, MI, moved to Chicago 1950, learned first sax and worked as sideman with the J.B.Lenoir group, Elmore James group; learned to play harp and founded his own group, Birmingham Jones & his Lover Boys, recorded for Ebony Label 1956, for Vee Jay 1963, toured with Muddy Waters Band 1968, worked with Eddie Shaw, Jonny Young and the Eddie Clearwater Band in the 70’s, works today on the Westslde with Eddie Taylor, Tail Dragger, Willie Kent a.o.
Willie Kent, born 24.2.1936 in Sunflower, Miss., came to Chicago 1949, played with Muddy Waters, Big Boy Crudup and the Wolf Band, founded his own band 1958 • called the Willie Kent Blues Band, in the 60’s and 70’s performed with Little Walter, Muddy Waters & Fenton Robinson, Toured Japan 1981 with John Little John, plays today mostly on West Side with his own band: Chico Chism, drums, Madock Bluster, harp and Jerry Welsh, guitar. He Is one of the best bass players.
Snooky Pryor, born 15.9,1921 in Lambert, MS, worked regulary with Homesick James since 1970, toured Europe 1973 and 1977. Is one of last traditional harp players.
Jimmy Walker, born 8.3.1905 in Memphis, Tann., came to Chicago in 1908, he Is one of the last piano players who are deeply rooted to the classis style, 1983 he recorded his first solo album for Wolf Records, even today he can be heard In various clubs In Chlcagos North•Side.

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