Jörg Danielsen, the new era of blues from Austria

Jörg Danielsen

“Sarcastic, happy, sad, cynical, black-humorous – that’s my blues! “
For almost twenty years Jörg Danielsen’s heart beats for the earthiest of all musical genres.

Jörg Danielsen was born in 1982 in Vienna / Austria and grew up near Vienna. At school he made his classmates “scared” with the old music called “blues”. At the age of 16 his father took him to the blues club called “Bluesman” in Vienna, where he saw a show with Peter Kern and Sigi Fassl. This impression had a long-lasting effect. Three years later, he decided to start a band, which separated again three years later and Jörg went back to Vienna. After “thousands of Jamsessions” he met Gerhard Beisteiner (double bass) and so a new Blues Band was founded: The Vienna Blues Association. At the same time he started his own blues jam session in Vienna. At concerts with his band, the Vienna Blues Association and the – now legendary – blues jam sessions he organizes, classics by Albert Collins, Magic Slim and Muddy Waters are given as much as songs of their own accord.
National and international cooperations as well as four own albums are among the great successes of recent years.


In 2017, Jörg conquered Argentina and toured with the local blues band Verteramo Trio & Jorge Costales and the “Blues Company” across the country to present his album. It was also possible to perform together with Mártin Burguez (El Club del Jump) and Juancho Hernandez (Evil Blues Band / La Frondosa Records).
But also, in Europe, Jörg travels a lot and toured in the spring and autumn of 2017 with his trio, the Vienna Blues Association, through Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

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