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Review of Clarence Edwards’ “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues” by Blues News No 320

The article in Blues News No 320 is a positive review of Wolf Records International’s new production titled “Baton Rouge Downhome Blues.” The article mentions Clarence Edwards, a blues musician who passed away suddenly at the age of 60 just as his career was taking off. Steve Coleridge, a British producer, is credited with bringing […]

Clarence Edwards’ Baton Rouge Downhome Blues: A Raw & Authentic Masterpiece

A Glowing Review from lahoradelblues Magazine for Wolf Records International Wolf Records International has recently received a glowing review for its latest production featuring the talented blues musician, Clarence Edwards. The review, which can be found on the website, highlights the impressive skill and artistry of Edwards, as well as the quality of the […]

Henry Gray – Shake A Hand Review

By Henry GrayShake A Hand(Wolf Records, 54:52) Jewel Case | booklet (6 pages) The tension is almost tangible: the title track strugglesnoticeably to restraint, to then freed from in the second partto snap the leash. As furious as swamp blues pianoLegendary Henry Gray in the R&B standard “Shake A Hand” throws andpurposefully plays with […]