Homesick James – Shake Your Money Maker | Album Review by Blues Blast Magazine

120410 Homesick James Shake Your Money Maker

The Album:
On this CD are three different recording sessions.The first was a live recording of Homesick alone, the second part is a live recording from 1979 with Snooky Pryor and the last part is a recording at Homesick´s home at N.Bosworth street in Chicago from 1975.

The Album Review By Blues Blast Magazine:

“Songs like “Baby Please Set a Date,” “Got to Move,” and “Sweet Home Chicago” are very rhythmic in nature, and benefit greatly from Pryor’s chugging harmonica. The groove is infectious, and helps to galvanize the appreciative audience to clap in time. Make no mistake: This is dance music, and it’s very easy to imagine these songs being played in juke joints and barrel houses all throughout the old south. There is joy in this music, and James is performing with a passion that he clearly feels very deeply. And it shows!

As my first introduction to the work of Homesick James, Shake Your Money Maker has proven to be a real eye-opener, and has only whet my appetite to hear more of his work. Hopefully, it will have the same impact on you!” …. read the wohle review here

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