Happy Birthday to Vance Kelly

120832 Vance Kelly Live At Kingston Mines

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Vance is an American blues singer and guitarist, who has performed regularly at various music venues in the Chicago area, chief among them being the 1815, Checkerboard Lounge,Rosa’s Lounge, Kingston Mines, Buddy Guy’s Legends, and B.L.U.E.S.

Vance formed the Backstreet Blues Band and signed a recording contract with us, Wolf Records International in 1992. Members of Kelly’s band included John Primer on guitar, David Honeyboy on harmonica, Eddie Shaw on the saxophone, Erskine Johnson on the keyboard and Johnny Reed playing bass on his first CD.

In 1994, Kelly and his band had a breakthrough when his debut album, Call Me, earned critical acclaim and introduced Kelly to audiences beyond the Chicago area. The album went on to win the Best Album of 1994 (New Recording) as well as the Living Blues Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album in 1995.

Vance has worked steadily since these two hit releases of the 1990s, producing a string of well-received albums that showcased his signature mix of blues, soul, and funk styles. He continues to record with the Backstreet Blues Band, most recently releasing the album Bluebird on October 2008. He has also played at numerous blues gatherings, including the annual Chicago Blues Festival. Vance took part in three separate European concert tours.

Vance Kelly is a Wolf Artist for over 20 years and Living Blues Award Winner, recorded a new CD in Chicago. Vance played at the Chicago Blues Festival 2017 and was a great success!

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