Vivian Vance Kellys new album is coming soon

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At the moment Wolf Records International is working on the the album from Vivian Vance Kelly

Vivian Vance Kelly has grown up with music in her heart and blood. Coming from a long line of artists and performers in her family, her ongoing love affair with music started at a very tender age: She got used to sing in front of a audience since she was only a child, first performing in Church, then taking the leap to professional at only 12.

With a lot of soul in her voice, Vivian started to explore several branches of black music, including Rap and RnB, but in 1997 she got introduced by her father Vance “Guitar” Kelly to blues music, which definitely stuck with her, as the style helped her gain a great reputation thanks to the many weekly gigs around Chicago and the States.

The new Album is coming soon on Wolf Records International

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