The New Album By Vivian Vance Kelly, Chicago Here I Come

vivian vance kelly

The new Album by Vivian Vance Kelly, represent the sheme of Chicago Blues, all songs are written by Vivian!

USA based Vivian Vance Kelly has gradually reinvented herself as a solely Chicago blues musician to a singer-songwriter. The best remark I can give about this album is that it is slowly infectious—it is difficult to get tired of and one seems to return to it often.

Maybe the album’s infectious nature stems from its well-balanced, enticing sound, its positive vibe, and its meaningful lyrics. From the start with the song “ Blues Woman ” the album is emotional, and sincere. From the first song, we hear the interwoven styles of traditional and modern blues music, which seems seamless.

Who is Vivian?

Vivian Kelly was born in November 10th 1972 in Chicago Illinois. When she was 5 yeas old, she sang every Sunday in church. When she was 12 years old, she started a Hip-Hop group, where she was the lead singer – at 19 she was lead singer in a Reggae and Hip-Hop-group!
When her father – Vance Kelly – a Blues Award Winner – saw her singing, he brought her to the Chicago-Blues scene and also to his label Wolf Records. She also wrote many songs for her father´s CD´s, which became very successful! Vivian came from a line of musicians – her grandmother and sisters sang in a Gospel group (The Mc Cauly – Singers).

Vivian Vance Kelly has grown up with music in her heart and blood. Coming from a long line of artists and performers in her family, her ongoing love affair with music started at a very tender age: She got used to sing in front of a audience since she was only a child, first performing in Church, then taking the leap to professional at only 12.

With a lot of soul in her voice, Vivian started to explore several branches of black music, including Rap and RnB, but in 1997 she got introduced by her father Vance “Guitar” Kelly to blues music, which definitely stuck with her, as the style helped her gain a great reputation thanks to the many weekly gigs around Chicago and the States.

Not only a live venue artist, Vivian recorded to albums under Wolf Records and Feelin’Good records, that allowed her to jump over the pond and tour Europe several time since 2000, generating outstanding response from fans overseas. Vivian has also performed at some of the biggest blues music festivals in the world, such as Chicago Blues Fest, Gossau Blues Festival and Lucerne Blues Festival. An outstanding artists that brings soul music to the next level.