Preview of the new Como CD

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Como is a small town in the North of
Mississippi-in an area,Where the Hill Country blues was created!
The Most famous Artist in this area was Fred Mc Dowell. He played a great Guitar Style with the slide-got to move was his greatest Song! On one day he drove his Producer Chris Strachwitz to a small House
Near Como ,where Eli green lived who was a friend of Charlie Patton!!his 2recordings with Fred were one of the deepest country blues recordings after the 40‘s!!!
There are also 2 recordings by Fred himself!!
The next great Artist on this cd is Jessie Mae Hemphill,who was the last country blues lady in north Mississippi!she learned her style from their aunt,Rosa lee hill.we recorded her famous songs in the 80‘s in her caravan
in Como!her singing and Guitar playing were unique!!the Next Artist on this cd is the last, who is still living and playing in Como-r.l.boyce!!!he was nominated for a Grammy in 2018!!!we recorded him in january 2017 in his house -he played a lot of r.l. Burnside
songs,but it sounded different-butalso some songs of his own!

One of the most famous hill country blues
Musician was Ranie Burnette who lived
In senatobia and is buried in como.
He played with Fred mc dowell and other artists of this area.he played his own songs
And on different beale Street Music Festivals
The last Artist of this cd is Otha Turner,who
Got famous with his fife and drums band in the african American tradition!in this band also played Jessie Mae Hemphill and Napoleon Strickland.on this cd he plays one song with guitar.
This cd is a document of a style which is known as hill country blues
and como was the Center of this Style!