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CHICAGO HERE I COME by Vivian Vance Kelly

VIVIAN VANCE KELLY Vivian Kelly was born in November 10th 1972 in Chicago Illinois. When she was 5 yeas old, she sang every Sunday in church. When she was 12 years old, she started a Hip-Hop group, where she was the lead singer – at 19 she was lead singer in a Reggae and Hip-Hop-group!
When her father – Vance Kelly – a Blues Award Winner – saw her singing, he brought her to the Chicago-Blues scene and also to his label Wolf Records. She also wrote many songs for her father´s CD´s, which became very successful! Vivian came from a line of musicians – her grandmother and sisters sang in a Gospel group (The Mc Cauly – Singers). Vivian´s grandfather and granduncles where well-known R&B and Gospel singers – “The Kelly Brothers”. They signed with Excello Records in the 50´s and 60´s. They opened for James Brown and other greats at the Apollo Theater.
Vivian has performed with Chicago-Blues-Legend Eddie C. Campell, she toured Europe at 2000 with Vance Kelly & the Backstreet Blues Band. 2010 she performed with her father at the Chicago Blues Fest. She was nominated for best songwriter in 1999 at the Chicago Blues Awards hosted by Koko Taylor.

All songs on this CD`s are written by Vivian, the CD represent the Chicago Blues!

  1. Blues Woman (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 4:06
  2. People In My Business (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 3:51
  3. Four Corner Room (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 3:38
  4. Husband Cheating On Us ( by Vivian Vance Kelly) 4:09
  5. Is It Love? (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 3:28
  6. Gotta Relieve My Soul (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 4:03
  7. Down This Road Again (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 4:40
  8. Clean Up Woman (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 2:51
  9. Chicago Here I Come (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 4:02
  10. Soft Hearted Woman (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 3:52
  11. As Simple As This (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 4:42
  12. Stand By Me (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 4:10

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