Magic Slim – I`m Gonna Play The Blues

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The blues world has waited so long for this moment, the new album of Magic Slim!

Morris Holt, known as Magic Slim was one of the best Chicago Blues musician ever, with his band The Teardrops, he made history! They won 3 times the Blues Music Award (W. C. Handy Award) with Wof Records International!

The new album “I`m Gonna Play The Blues ” from Magic Slim, show what Magic Slim was great in, performing on stage, he was a great show man! On this album are live recordings from the legendary concert in Vienna 2010!The Recordings are amazing, very clear sound, we worked together with the TV so all the recordings are produced with high quality !This Album is going to be one of his best ever, we put a lot work and love into this album, beacause we want to give all of his fans and blues lovers something great !

The album has now almost been completed, stay on our website to be up to date !

The Titels of the album ” I`m Gonna Play The Blues “:

  1. Come On In This House (Amos Blakemore)
  2. I’m Gonna Play The Blues (Morris Holt)
  3. Please Don’t Dog Me (Morris Holt)
  4. 4:59 A.M. (Dave Clark/Milton Campbell)
  5. It Hurts Me Too (Hudson Whittaker/Elmore James)
  6. Think (Jimmy McCracklin)
  7. Love Somebody (Jimmy Dawkins)
  8. Playin’ With My Mind (Nick Holt)
  9. So Easy To Love You (Willie Dixon/Carey Bell Harrington)
  10. She’s Tough (Jerry McCain)
  11. The Things That I Used To Do (Eddie Jones)
  12. That Will Never Do (Milton Campbell/Bob Lyons)
  13. Bad Boy (Eddie Taylor)
  14. Older Woman (Ed Williams)
  15. Rough Dried Woman (Don Clay/Audrey Williams/B. Earle)

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