Brenda Taylor Concert

Mamies, Milwaukee, 18th March

Brenda Taylor and The Earth Shakers appeared at Mamie’s – Milwaukee’s premiere blues venue with her top-notch band who performed three, hour long sets of hard driving, gritty, raw, West Side Chicago Blues to a small, but enthusiastic audience. Brenda is the oldest daughter of the Chicago legend Eddie ‘Playboy’ Taylor and she recently released her full-length debut album “Buggy Ride’ on Austria’s Wolf Records.
Brenda is a no-nonsense singer, in the best of the West Side tradition, who likes to keep things rolling and the party going. The Earth Shakers are a talented band with her brother Tim Taylor on drums. Over the course of three sets, she played four slow numbers, everything else was up-tempo party blues. Highlights of the night were ‘ I’m Good’, ‘I Found Out’, ‘Mama Talk To Your Son’ and ‘Better Look Out For Me‘. Tim Taylor is a powerful drummer, driving the band into overdrive.
It was a fantastic night of Chicago blues.
Thanks to
Bob-O Walesa to bringing Brenda to Milwaukee.
Written by Jim Feeney (