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Jörg Danielsen – Guess Who´s Got The Blues

“Guess Who´s Got The Blues”, Jörg plays on this album with his own band. The whole Wolf Records Team is proud to work together with such a great musician!

Jörg is a rising star in the Blues World and his concerts are legendary, we recommend every blues fan to go to a concert of his, at concerts with his band, the Vienna Blues Association and the – now legendary – blues jam sessions he organizes, classics by Albert Collins, Magic Slim and Muddy Waters are given as much as songs of their own accord.
National and international cooperations as well as four own albums are among the great successes of recent years.

Willie Brown

Willie Brown was a blues guitar player and vocalist. Brown was best known as a side player, performing mostly with House, Patton, and Johnson. Brown is considered one of the pioneering musicians of the Delta blues genre.

He recorded six sides for Paramount Records, three recordings for the Library of Congress in 1941, accompanied by House. In 1952, Brown briefly joined House in Rochester, New York, but soon returned to Tunica, Mississippi, where he died the same year.

Although known mostly as an accompanist rather than a soloist, Brown recorded three highly rated solo performances: “Make Me a Pallet on the Floor”, “M & O Blues” and “Future Blues”.

RIP Cleo Williams

Cleo Williams, father of Michael Coleman died last week. He was member of the gents, Willie Kents band and played drums on these CD`s.