Al Cook Live At Schutzhaus

AL COOK 75er SCHUTZHAUS FLYER A web12390 scaled

Friday, 28th February 2020 8pm (20h)
Verlängerte Guntherstrasse 1150, Vienna

Al Cook, undisputed dean and pioneer of the Austrian bluesscene celebrates his 75th birthday at a well known spot, the famous Schutzhaus Schmelz, in Viennas fifteen district.

The influencial blues-artist started his musical career in October 1964 at the age of 1964, trying to carry on the rock and roll-tradition of Elvis Presleys Sun-Records era, but failed due to the changing music tastes in the mid-sixties, that favorited the Beatles and their contemporaries.
Thanks to the open window of a next floor neighbour, Al Cook came in touch with the sound of the archaic country-blues of the 20s and 30s.
From then on, he decided to become an authentic blues-artist, expressing himself in the genre of the stars from the 78s era. After some years of pretty hard experiences, performing before audiences, unfamiliar with blues music, Al Cook was at last discovered during the folk-music boom of the late sixties. Quickly he gained popularity enough to be recorded as the first non-american, playing and singing blues, still unheard in the german-speaking hemisphere.
Besides creative songwriting, Al Cook became his own producer and made a lot of uncompromising records, sticking to the original sounds of the blues-tradition. Cooks releases receive top reviews even by american blues experts and his vinyls are among top rated collectors items.
Since 1993, Al Cook produces exclusively for WOLF-RECORDS.

His 75th Birthday Jamboree is as well celebrating his 56th year as a stage performer and national blues-pioneer.