Snooky Pryor

Snooky Pryor was born September 15th 1921, in Lambert, MS. 1945 he settling in Chicago after his US Army service. He joined the Maxwell street group singers like Floyd Jones, Moody Jones and Johnny Young. He was influenced by John Lee ‘Sonny Boy’ Williamson. He recorded 1948 with these guys and created a amplified down home sound of Chicago Blues with his harp-style. He made his first recording `Telephone Blue? with guitarist Moody Jones, also in this CD! Later, he made also singles for J.O.B., Parrot and Vee Jay Records. His early recording had a intensity that is all more remarkable when you know that only 2-3 musicians were involved. In 1963, Snooky left the music business and moved to Ullin, Ill., where he worked as a carpenter, but he returned early yo’s and toured and recorded in Europe, mostly with his music friend Homesick James. He recorded for Virgin Records, Blind Pig, Antone’s and Electro-Fi, all with his old-fashioned Chicago Bar-Band-Blues. He was also part of many Blues Festivals, like the Chicago Blues Pest or in Bellinzona. He died Oktober 18th 2006 at Cape Girardeau, Missouri.