Louisiana Swamp Blues Vol. 1-6

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Louisiana Swamp Blues Vol. 1 - Various Artists

In the 80’s Tabby Thomas,a Swamp Blues Legend, operated a blues club called Tabbys Blues Box in Baton Rouge, La. He offered Wolf Records recordings he had made with swamp blues musicians who played there. These recordings are blues history because Tabby died and the Blues Box does not exist any more. You can hear on this CD Tabby himself and his sons Tammy and Chris, also harpplayer Oscar Harp Davis, Silas Hogan, Arthur Guitar Kelly, Henry Gray - Wolfs piano player and Clarence Edwards. This is the Blues from Louisiana and you will like it !!

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Louisiana Swamp Blues Vol. 2 - feat. Rudi Richard Henry Gray

This is the second CD full of Swamp blues!! Rudi Richard played the Blues in Baton Rouge since his 20’s, he also played with the great Slim Harpo. The recordings on this CD were done 1990 in Baton Rouge,LA and Rudi played both guitar and accordion. Big Mamou was a great hit in the south and is in the Zydeco-style. The other artist here is still living legend Henry Gray, Howling Wolfs piano player in Chicago. On this CD he playes great slow blues tunes like ‘Blues won’t let me rest’ and also Boogie Woogies. He was inducted 2017 in the Blues Hall of Fame !!

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Louisiana Swamp Blues Vol. 3 - Various Artists

These are recordings from Steve Coleridge, who lived for some time in the Louisiana area in the late 80’s. The Larry Garner recordings have been done by himself, also 1990 in Baton Rouge.

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Louisiana Swamp Blues Vol. 4 - Clarence Edwards & Oscar Davis

This CD is a good mix of Louisiana Swamp Blues with known and unknown musicians. Larry Garner plays three of his tunes- he is in great form like always! Tabby Thomas plays his swamp blues hits ‘Voodoo Party’ and ‘Louisiana Woman`and Silas Hogan his great hit ‘Let me be your Hatchet `Also two Louisiana woman singers are there: Cora Jefferson and Tootsie, who sing ‘County Jail’. Last but not least the great Rudi Richard sings another great version of ‘Big Mamou !!If you buy this CD you will get a big taste of 40 years of Louisiana Blues !!

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Louisiana Swamp Blues Vol. 5

On this CD you can listen to another Louisiana Blues legend, Clarence Edwards! He was born 1933 in Louisiana and played Charley Pattons 78s at home before he started to play music as a 12 year old. He was doing farmwork and met there the great Robert Pete Williams and Slim Harpo. He is both- a great singer and guitar player. On this CD with a full band and one session just with bass and drums. "Driving Wheel" and "Cold Black Mare" are two of the songs I like most !! On this CD are also two songs from Oscar ‘Harp’ Davis, who is one of the best harp players in Louisiana in the style of Slim Harpo.

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Louisiana Swamp Blues Vol 6


The last CD of this series ends with a real legend, Silas Hogan called "the Godfather’. Silas was born in 1911. He recorded for the Excello label and was famous in this area! He plays the ‘Old Swamp Blues Sound ‘ and nobody can beat him! Here are recordings from 1988 and 1990 , recorded in Baton Rouge,LA. Another Swamp Blues legend is here, Arthur ’Guitar’ Kelley. He was influenced by Lightning Slim, another legend of this area! In the 70´s he formed a small group with Silas Hogan and played at many festivals in the US. They both often played at Tabby’s Bluesbox in Baton Rouge,LA

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