Concerto Review King Bees Featuring The Greatest Blues Stars

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written by Fra published in Concerto (

The King Bees are Penny “Queen Bee” Zamagni, bass and partly vocals, and Rob “Hound Dog” Baskerville. King Bees are two blues enthusiasts who decided in 1985 not only to hear the blues canned but also to actively seek them out. So they went out and found a lot that was authentic. Over the years they played with many greats, such as Bo Diddley, Nappy Brown, Carey Bell, etc. On this CD you can be heard with some legends such as Jerry McCain (vocals, harp) and others. on “Lot The Blues”, Nappy Brown (vocals)
on “Quit You Pretty Baby”, Chick Willis (guitar, vocals) on “Hello Central”, Carey Bell [harp) on “Alcohol And Blues”, Neal Pattman (vocals, harp) on “Black Rat” and Beverly Watkins (vocals , Guitar) on Beverly’s Guitar Blues. The two musicians did fieldwork in the blues a bit like Alan Lomax. Historically interesting.


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