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Here are some interesting cutouts from the latest Jefferson Magazine about some great Wolf-Productions… _____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Vivian Vance Kelly @ The Living Blues Magazine ______________________________________________________________________________ Vivian Vance Kelly – on Wolf CD Nr. 120840 Larry Taylor – on CD Nr. 120824 & Eddie Taylor to find on CD Nr. 120711 You can find the complete […]


Al Cook 1 scaled

______________________________________________________________________________ 20th December Save the Date: The official CD-Release Party from Vivian Vance Kelly: “Chicago Here I Come”! @ Natural Law Bar – 13404 Olde Western Avenue in Blue Island, Illinois! ______________________________________________________________________________ Wolf-Artists on Stage You can find many songs of the artists on Wolf CD´s: Pat Thomas – CD #120935 Jimmy Holmes – CD […]

Radio Charts

La Hora del Blues

The new production of Wolf Records “50 Years Of Como Blues” got the great review of 4 stars – also the new Wolf CD “Straight outta Buenos Aires” from Jörg Danielsen is in the ranking with 3,5 stars!! All to find @ the website of La Hora del Blues! ______________________________________________________________________________ Vivian Vance Kelly stays in […]

Windy City Blues Festival

Meet some Wolf Artists on 6th – 8th September @ the Windy City Blues Festival 2019 On Saturday 1:10 – 2:00 Main Stage – Wolf Records Artist Vance Kelly Wolf Records Showcase on Main Stage 5:50 – 6:20              Tre’ on Wolf CD´s 120825 & 120888 6:20 – 6:50             Harmonica Hinds On CD: 120831 6:50 – 8:00             John […]

Jimmy Johnson 90th Birthday

Happy Birthday to Jimmy Johnson!  Chicago blues musician Jimmy Johnson didn’t release his first full domestic album until he was 50 years old. He’s determinedly made up for lost time ever since, establishing himself as one of the Windy City’s premier blues artists with a twisting, unpredictable guitar style and a soaring, soul-dripping vocal delivery that stand […]

Errol Dixon: Blues & Piano Boogie Woogie “Midnight Train”

120715 Errol Dixon Midnight Train scaled

Errol was born 1939. As a boy, he moved to New York and later to London. His biggest hit was “Midnight Train”. Errol is living in Switzerland and still playing at festivals. The recordings on this CD were done in Vienna 1973 – thanks to Hans Maitner! He is one of the last living original […]