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Eddie Taylor Jr. - Stop Breaking Down

CD 120.834
UPC: 799582083425


Accompanying Eddie on this latest album is Tony Palmer on 2nd guitar, Greg McDaniel on bass, Timothy Taylor on Drums, and Harmonica Hinds and Bob Waleso sharing duties on harmonica. In this new set of songs they cover everything from the jazzy Ghetto Woman by B.B. King, in which Eddie sounds stylistically similar to the great Fenton Robinson, to a wonderful rendition of the Jimmy Reed classic, “Baby What You Want Me to Do,” where Eddie’s guitar sound pays direct homage to his dad. In an effort to adapt to an increasingly younger audience, he has modernized his style by experimenting with different guitar pedal effects. The results are clearly evident on many of his rock-leaning, distorted guitar solos including a very prominent one featured on Doctor Clayton’s “I Got to Find My Baby.”

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CD 120.826 Eddie Taylor Jr. – So Called Friends
CD 120.834 Eddie Taylor Jr. – Stop Breaking Down
CD 120.890 Eddie Taylor Jr. – Tribute To Eddie Taylor

Vance Kelly - Live At Kingston Mines

On this CD, his 9th release on Wolf Records and his 2nd live album you can hear R&B, Soul and hardcore Blues tunes from the best blues entertainer in Chicago! Vance Kelly is the hardest workin’ Bluesman in Chicago – you will hear and feel it!

Magic Slim & The Teardrops - Pure Magic

CD 120.830
UPC: 799582083029

Magic Slim died on the 21st of February 2013 but his spirit is still there! Slim got a lot of Awards during his lifetime – his last award he got 2013 for the best Blues Traditional Blues Male Artist. On this CD you can listen to great life recordings – never on CD before – which will show you what great Blues Artist we lost. Also he was accompanied by his legendary band, the Teardrops: Mostly on the songs John Primer, Nick Holt (Slims brother) and Earl Howell. Liner notes written by Bob Corritore.

If you want to listen to great, down home Chicago Blues this is the CD for you!

Louisiana Red - The Sky Is Crying

A new CD, which will be a great surprise for all country blues fans: Louisiana Red recorded some years before his death a great live CD from different concerts in Greece! Also present at these concerts were: Johnny Nicholas and Bob Brozman.

John Primer & The Teardrops Live - You Can Make It If You Try

CD 120.833
UPC: 799582083326

John Primer was part of the legendary Magic Slim & The Teardrops for over 10 years. 2013 Slim died, but his spirit is still there in the Blues world. During his days with Slim, he always opened the show with his great voice and guitar performance. Wolf Records manager Hannes Folterbauer recorded most of Slim’s shows which includes John’s songs. John Primer is now one of the greatest Blues men in business and if you listen to his latest album, you know why. Together with the King of the Lump Style Nick Holt and Earl Howell on drums they play the real deal – Blues at its best!

Terry "Harmonica" Bean - Catfish Blues

CD 120.937
UPC: 799582093721

Terry was born 1961 in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Besides the Burnsides and Kimbrogh Family he is the only musician left who plays the Hill Country Blues. Also there are just a few harp players left in Mississippi and he is the only one who plays harp & guitar together. The North of Mississippi got many famous names like Howling Wolf, Bukka White and Big Joe Williams, now there are just a few left. Terry plays traditional Country Blues with his personal touch! He played in Europe and on all important Blues Festivals in the US – like the Chicago Blues Festival!

Al Cook - Mississippi 1930

CD 120.978
UPC: 799582097828

Al Cook, the austrian blues legend can be honestly rated as one of the most convincing artists to recreate the sounds of the prewar delta blues as a creative and fully inspired musician.
The recently released album “Mississippi 1930” represents the legacy of the great grafton-session, held by Charley Patton, Son House, Willie Brown and Louise Johnson. Al Cook also reflects with intense work on other delta styles, like Tommy and Robert Johnson and even comes along with barrelhouse piano in a rugged delta style. The album closes with an archaic fieldholler-like song, still unheard by a white non-american. No revival stuff, just living blues, that sounds simply authentic. A “must” for real blues lovers.

Harmonica Hinds - I'd Give You Anything If I Could

CD 120.831
UPC: 799582083128

Harmonica Hinds is besides Billy Boy Arnold, Billy Branch and James Cotton – one of the last harp players of the old tradition!
He played on many record sessions in the last years – on the Mud Morganfield CD – and plays and sings also on the WOLF CD – From The Country To The City. He has a deep voice and a great harp style and plays 100% Originals!

The Story of Piano Blues - From The Country To The City

CD 120.106
UPC: 799582010629

All ten of the artists featured on this new Wolf Records’ release had different levels of success and accolades through their careers, yet share similar upbringings and stories. They honed their chops out of necessity in labor camps, house parties and juke joints – synthesizing individual styles that cannot simply be classified as “Blues,” as their music also incorporates Boogie, Jazz and Gospel. They came from rural communities but brought their talents to the city, where they helped to define the Blues scenes in Chicago, Memphis and Houston. And just as they were influenced by the phantom performers of a pre-war era, they too have influenced many legends of 60s and 70s Rock N’ Roll. So if you are a fanatic, enthusiast and archaeologist of music such as me, you will thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the unique piano styles found on these 20 amazing and thoroughly enjoyable tracks of pure Blues and Boogie Woogie.

Alabama Red - Windy City Blues

Alabama Red was born 1927 in Panola Alabama. He learned singing, playing guitar and piano in churches. In the 40s he moved to Chicago there he performed with his own band in Blues clubs and churches! He played at the Mississippi Blues Festival & Chicago Blues Festival. In the 80s he gave Wolf Records a cassette with these great gospel & blues songs and told me to publish these. He died 2006 in Chicago. He was an excellent singer and on this CD you can listen to one of the greatest Chicago Blues voices! You can hear Alabama Red just on one song on one other CD, a christmas CD from the label Electro-Fi Records, so this is worldwide the only CD of Alabama Red. This CD is a document of the Chicago Blues from the 80ies and 90ies, especially after the death of Magic Slim where real Blues recordings are very rare.

Pat Thomas - Beefsteak Blues

He was born 40 years ago in Yazoo City, Mississippi. He is the son of James Son Thomas a blues legend from Leland, Mississippi. He learned a lot from his father and also played together with him 10 years. He plays on all important Blues Festivals in Mississippi, like the Sunflower River Blues Festival and the King Biscuit Festival. On this CD he plays all Country Blues Standard Blues songs but also songs of his own, like “Dream”. His voice is very high and so his songs have a special touch! He is one of the last who is not playing in the original Blues style – he is original!

Jimmy "Duck" Holmes - All Night Long

Jimmy is the last known Blues Musician who can play the Betonia Blues Style. The Betonia Blues Style is called after the Style of Skip James and Jack Owens, who played the famous songs “Hard Times” and “Devil”. He is also the owner of one of the last Mississippi Juke Joints, The Blue Front Café. He was born in 1947. On this CD are 12 great original songs by one of the best!

Mississippi John Hurt - Stack O' Lee Blues

Out now CD BC 010!

John Smith Hurt, better known as Mississippi John Hurt (July 3, 1893 or March 8, 1892 — November 2, 1966) was an American country blues singer and guitarist. Hurt incorporated a fast, pick-less, syncopated finger picking style that he taught himself. He was influenced by very few people; but does recall an elderly, unrecorded, blues singer from that area, Rufus Hanks, who played twelve-string guitar and harmonica. He also recalls listening to the country singer Jimmie Rodgers. Many of his songs were in very basic keys (C, G, D, F, etc.), his fingers picking notes within the chords. On occasion, Hurt would use an open tuning and a slide, as he did in his arrangement of “The Ballad of Casey Jones”.
Wolf Records has recently decided to produce a CD with his best songs!

Elmore James Jr. - Old School Lover

CD 120.829:

Elmore James Jr. is one of the last old-school blues slide guitar
players in Chicago. He has always been playing in open D tuning – for 50 years! – and he surely knows his stuff. He learned a little bit
from his father, but unfortunately he died so early. No other Chicago blues band can play Elmore senior’s famous original blues style the way Elmore James Jr. & His Broomdusters can; the band includes two more masters of Chicago blues – Eddie Taylor Jr. on guitar and Ed Williams on saxophone.

Vance Kelly - Tell Me Why

CD 120.828:

The Blues has a future – Vance Kelly!
Kelly’s musical style is a mix of his blues, funk, and disco roots. His
guitar solos are multinoted and precise, and though he is quite
fast, he still manages to squeeze a great amount of feeling from
every note. In 1995 Kelly won the “Living Blues Award for the Best
Contemporary Blues Album” with his Wolf Records ‘ CD “Call Me”.
Last but not least Vance Kelly is the two times Chicago Music
Awards-winner for being the best blues entertainer 2000 & 2001!
On this CD are his best 14 songs and 4 brand new recordings!

Jimmy Mayes - All My Best

CD 120.827:

The legendary Jimmy Mayes – one of the best Chicago Blues drummers, who played with Little Walter, Jimmy Reed, Joey Dee and Jimi Hendrix and many more – signed with Wolf Records and recorded his first CD ever. This CD includes songs like Love Trap or Something About You I like, you can also listen to 3 great Jimmy Reed titles on this CD. Each song is special to him and that’s why he called this collection All my Best.

Eddie Taylor Jr. - So Called Friends

CD 120.826:
Eddie Taylor Jr. was born in March 27, 1972 in Chicago Ill.. He was the son of the late great Eddie Taylor, the legendary Big Town Playboy and creator of the Jimmy Reed Sound. Eddie Taylor Jr. has inherited his extraordinary talent from his father, blues god Eddie Taylor. When Eddie Taylor Jr. was 13 years old he began to teach himself how to play the guitar by listening to his father’s songs. Taylor’s sophisticated playing allows him to bring back old favorites and add his own new tunes, which are too tricky for average blues bands. Other so-called “blues-artists” often mix their music with R&B, funk, jazz, or swing, but Eddie Taylor Jr. stands for pure blues.

In 1990 Eddie Taylor Jr. recorded his first song for Wolf Records “Ride ´em on down”, a song long associated with his father. Since that time there are … CDs which he recorded with Wolf Records. In Chicago Eddie Taylor Jr. played with every important musician like Willie Kent, Johnny B. Moore, Jimmy Burns, John Primer or Hubert Sumlin and learned a lot from them. He is the only one from the young Blues guitarists in Chicago who still plays the traditional Chicago style with his own influences!

On this new CD “So Called Friends” Eddie Taylor Jr. plays his 15 best songs. This CD is tying in with his last successes like “From The Country To The City”, together with Harmonica Hinds and Tre, and “I Got To Make This Money Baby”. There are also 5 new recorded songs with Otis Rush’s guitar player, Antony Palmer, Roosevelt Purifoy, the young great piano player, and Eddie’s brother Tim on drums. This is no funk-blues, no soul-blues, just the real deal – original Chicago blues at his best!!

Eddie Cusic - Leland Mississippi Blues

CD 120.934:

Eddie was born on January 4, 1926 in the Wilmot Community just south of Leland and grew up helping his family tend the fields. He got his first taste of guitar, like many before him, by playing the one-stringed diddly-bow with a knife or broken bottle neck. When the 1950s rolled around, Eddie formed the Rhythm Aces with blues legend, Little Milton Campbell. Campbell has long attested to the early influence that Eddie had on his style. In the 1960s Eddie would gig with fellow Leland guitarist, James Son Thomas, at house parties, picnics and social gatherings. And although music was his natural calling, Eddie put aside personal aspirations and took a job in the local rock quarry to provide for his growing family. Eddie retired in 1989 and returned to active performing as a solo acoustic guitarist. Through the 1990s he had been a regular at the Mississippi Delta Blues & Heritage Festival in Greenville and the Sunflower River Blues Festival in Clarksdale. Eddie also did some out of state traveling to attend the Smithsonian Festival of American Folk life and the Chicago Blues Festival. More recently, Eddie served as a master artist in the Mississippi Arts Commission’s Folk Art Apprenticeship program – where he was filmed for a state of Mississippi commercial on tourism. This came as long overdue recognition for a delta songster that has languished in obscurity most of his career.

It’s easy to romanticize Eddie: undiscovered bluesman toils in a mundane job by day, yearning to play his music to an adoring audience. By night, Eddie is the blues troubadour, using his rough hewn vocals, powerful string snapping, and wonderfully-refrained timing to provide the fuel for his late night house party romps. Quite simply, Eddie bleeds delta blues. While most of his repertoire consists of well worn classics such as Catfish Blues, Good Morning Little School Girl and Hoochie Coochie Man, he is a wonderful interpreter of the tradition – melding these blues standards into something wholly original.

Buddy Moss - Atlanta Blues

BC 009
UPC: 799582600929

This album will be a new CD in the category “Blues Classic” following musicians like Big Billy Broonzy, Blind Willie McTell, Charley Patton, Memphis Slim and many more. This CD is from Buddy Moss, his 23 best songs! Great Atlanta Country Blues!

SIGGI FASSL’S Tribute to Jerry Lee Lewis – Juke Box Junky

CD 120.287
UPC: 799582028723

Originally planned as a one-time project on the occasion of Siggi’s father’s 60th birthday, the “Tribute to Jerry Lee Lewis” has evolved into a popular regular attraction.

Although paying tribute to one of the legends of rock’n’roll, all participating musicians come from the blues scene, except Robert Hacker, who played in the rockabilly band “Salty Dogz” for many years.

Charlie Furthner, Didi Mattersberger and Siggi Fassl are members of the “Mojo Blues Band”; Siggi and Michael Hudec can also be heard with “Hooked On Blues” who released their debut album “I Have To Stop” in 1993 on Wolf Records. All of them share a deep passion for rock’n’roll and country music of the 1950’s, and especially for the music of Jerry Lee Lewis.

Siggi Fassl, in particular, is “going back to his roots” with this album, because he grew up with the “Killers’” music and has remained a big fan of Jerry Lee Lewis to this day.

The five core musicians are supported on this album by Susanne Strauhs-Plattner (vocals), Martin “Gordon” Tichy (violin), both of whom played with Siggi in the country band “Kentucky Callin’” from 1993–1999, and by Oliver Gruen, one of Austria’s best lap steel guitarists.

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CD 120.857

Jimmy Davis – Maxwell Street

The no longer existent original Maxwell Street Market was not only a market for the population but also the first performance location for musicians that traveled from South to North. Afterwards these musicians played in many Chicago Clubs and were seen less on Maxwell Street.
One of the musicians who played there during his music career was Jimmy Davis. In his style you can see that he has his roots in the Mississippi Delta (Clarksdale).
His impetuous guitar play and his raucous voice, which is reminiscent of Howlin Wolf, was that event on Maxwell Street Market on Sunday for years.
Michael Frank and Hannes Folterbauer brought this unique musician, who wrote Chicago Blues history, for these recordings to the studio. Even though he recorded 2 more LPs in his career, this is currently the only available recording of his work.
Through this Wolf-CD you can imagine how Maxwell Street Market was years ago and history stays alive.

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CD 120.281

Chicago Blues Vol. 1

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Carl Jones was next to Caddiloc baby and a Afro-American Chicago Blues Label, who recorded more unknown. Blues musicians who had no chance to record for labels such as Vee Jay or Chess.
On Vol. 1 you can listen to great artists like BIG MOOSE Walker, Hound Dog Taylor, Little MAC Simmons and Eddie Shaw.

CD 120.282

Chicago Blues Vol. 2

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On Vol. 2 to the great Earl Hooker, Homesick James and Lee Jackson.
Now all these great artists are gone – Eddie Shaw is – thank God still there – and there are just a few living who play the “real” Chicago Blues. So buy these CD’s if you want to listen to one of the greatest artists of the Blues style you call Chicago Blues.

CD 120.853

Bonnie Lee – I’m Good

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CD BoB 4

Blind Boy Fuller 1935 – 1940

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CD 120.700

Willie Dixon and the Chicago Allstars – Good Advice!

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Muddy Waters – 1965 – 1973 Live Recordings

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J.B. Hutto and the Houserockers – Live 1977

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WSE 104

Tommy Johnson – Canned Heat Blues

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Boston Blackie & Otis Big Smokey Smothers – ABC Blues
CD 120.847
UPC: 799582084729

Smokey was a singer and a guitar player and also a master of the Slide guitar! He played on this CD with Eddie Big Town Playboy Taylor & John Primer!
Boston was a great West Side Chicago artist, before he got killed from his buddy Tail Dragger! He played on this CD with a great band included John Primer & Willie Kent! These musicians also wrote blues history!

CD 120.304

Magic Slim & The Teardrops – Spider In My Stew (Zoo Bar Collection Vol. 4)

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CD 120.934

Eddie Cusic – Leland Mississippi Blues

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CD BoB 3

Best of Blues – Lightnin’ Hopkins

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Professor Longhair - Go To The Mardy Gras

CD 120.809

Magic Slim & The Teardrops – Tin Pan Alley

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CD 120.958

Erik Trauner – Up Slide Down

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U P Wilson

CD 120.305

Magic Slim & The Teardrops – Highway Is My Home

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BoB 9

Champion Jack Dupree – 1940-1950

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CD 120.290

Cub Koda & The Houserockers

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CD 120.928

Memphis Piano Blues Today

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TRE' - I'm Through With The Blues

Tre - Im Throuh With The Blues

CD 120.825

I’m Through With The Blues

Tre’ is the Michael Jackson of the Blues!

Here we are again with a new compilation disc presenting the very talented vocal guitarist from Chicago known only as Tre’. He is a new and very exciting performer who can stand toe to toe with the best of the best, such as Buddy Guy and Eric Clapton. I know you are going to think that that last statement is a bit too strong, but we think it is soon going to be proven out that Tre’ is worthy of this accolades. Tre’s new CD “I’m Through With The Blues” is what is next in the Blues generation.

Some of the tracks on this CD are in reminiscence of the soulful sounds that came from such soulful artist as Bobby Blue Bland and ZZ Hill. The songs “You’re My Everything” and “Cheating In The Bar Room” are recycled classics that Tre’ say’s constantly glides through his repertoire of crowd pleasing melodies.

“Born To Love The Blues” is a confession of how Tre’ first heard this cultural music and the feelings of wanting to go where the music was.

The track “Do You Want To Get Bluesy” takes us along on a ride with Tre’ and how he began his career as a bluesman.

All of the songs are a refreshingly new preamble to what has made the Blues so special to so many true Blues lovers around the world.

Best Of Mustique Blues

CD 120.714

Best Of Musitque Blues

The magical island of Mustique, in the West Indies, is the beautiful setting for one of the worlds most extraordinary Blues Festival.

The 15th annual of “The Most Exclusive Blues Festival In The World” – January 27th to February 10th, 2010 took place and in celebration of this anniversary this best of album was released.

Of 1000 recordings of the last 15 years were the best 12 songs chosen and will be sold for charity reasons. You can listen to performances of Joe Louis Walker, Hans Theessink, Ian Siegal, Dana Gillespie, Eugene Bridges, Big Joe Louis, Larry Garner and many more.

In the meantime the 16th festival 2011 passed by, which means some “Best of Mustique Blues” albums will follow!

LARRY TAYLOR - They Were In This House

Larry Taylor - They Were In This House

CD 120.824

Larry Taylor – They Were In This House

This record presents a set of unusual, yet satisfying traditional and original compositions. Taylor’s choices of less well-known numbers, such as Howlin’ Wolf’s “I Didn’t Mean to Hurt Your Feelings” and Jimmy Reed’s “Signals of Love,” reminds the listener of how deep the wellspring of blues is. And his take on some are pleasantly surprising: on Elmore James’ “Knocking at Your Door,” Larry chooses to downplay the guitar and focus on the vocals, singing it as if it were a Bobby Bland ballad.

It’s only fitting that Larry Taylor, who was nurtured by a musical family, in a house visited by the elders of the blues, on a street named for a famous composer, should have a life filled with music and surrounded by creatively gifted friends and family.

Put on this CD and take a virtual tour of a genuine house of the blues and discover a personal vision it has generated and a legacy that it has bequeathed to one of its direct descendants.

JOHN PRIMER - Call Me John Primer

Call Me John Primer

CD 120.823

John Primer – Call Me John Primer

John Primer is the real deal!

After a long musical career in which John Primer made experience as musician next to Magic Slim and Muddy Waters he establish as a strong bandleader. 2008 he produced with his own label Blues House Production a new CD, and then it was time to record a CD where one could find his entire musical career. Titles with Muddy Waters style (“I’m A Blues Man”) and those like “Poor Man Blues” more orientated on the Teardrops can be find on this album, as well as numerously Elmore James songs (“1839”, “Shake Your Money Maker” (open D tuning)) and own tracks (“Dreaming”, “Blues Behind Closed Doors”).

Also included are five never before released songs, among them four with the best Blues band of Europe, the Mojo Blues Band, and one song recorded at the Magic Slim tour in Austria (“Little Sister”), together they show the fully musical producing of John Primer.

In short: This document of a Blues musician, which grew up with tradition as kids today grow up with computers, is not beatable in intensity.

R. L. BURNSIDE - Rollin' & Tumblin'

R.L. Burnside - Rollin' & Tumblin'

CD 120.921

R.L. Burnside – Rollin’ & Tumblin’ – The King Of Hill Country Blues

R.L. Burnside is the father of the Mississippi Hill Country Blues. He is one of the most outstanding personalities of Country Blues of the second generation together with James ‘Son’ Thomas. He already recorded a LP in the 60s, but was first nation wide known as he recorded for the label Fat Possum. Even in the TV series “Drake & Josh” (a Walt Disney serial) you can see a poster of his CD “Come On In”. Until one’s dying day in 2004 he regulary recorded CD’s. R.L. Burnside has six sons which are all in the music business. One can call him rightly a giant of Country Blues. Legendary are his sessions at Juke Joint of his friend Junior Kimbrough.
On this CD you will listen to recordings of the years 1975, 1981 and 1982, which has been recorded live at his front porch with both electric and accoustic guitar. It includes 19 of his legendary songs and an interview!


Dana Gillespie & Joachim Palden - Big Boy

CD 120.951

Dana Gillespie & Joachim Palden – Big Boy

Big Boy is already a classic and now it is reproduced in a complete new design, but with familiar good sound!

COOKIE MCGEE - One Way Ticket

CD 120.632

Cookie McGee feat. Lucky Peterson – One Way Ticket

Cookie McGee is the new queen of Texas Blues.

This CD is a live recording, recorded at a blues club in Forth Worth, Texas in 2009. 15 years after her first release with JSP Records, this is her first live CD. She plays some songs of her own (e.g. One Way Ticket) and some Texas Blues traditionals. Special guest on this CD is the unique Lucky Peterson. You will enjoy some great moderns Texas Blues of today.


CD 120.822

Elmore James Jr. & the Broomdusters – Baby Please Set A Date

Elmore James Jr. is really the son of the blues legend Elmore James who played “Dust My Broom” with Sonny Boy Williamson in the 50’s. He got the slide guitar lessons from his father but at first he was not really interested in this style. In his 40’s he got interested to play the great music of his father because he got the feeling that he is responisble to play the traditional blues style. He played with many different bands in the last 10 years and on you could listen to his great voice! Today he has a six piece band and plays most of his fathers songs. The sound of the band is really great because with ex Willie Kent’s Gent and Teardrop Jake Dawson on guitar and Ed Williams on sax (he played in Vance Kelly’s band) the music is not just traditional but also got a modern touch! So on this CD you can listen to the very best traditional Chicago blues band today, Elmore James Jr. and The Broomdusters! ENJOY!

AL COOK - Pioneer And Legend

Al Cook - Pioneer And Legend

CD 120.976

Al Cook – Pioneer And Legend


CD 120.821

Smilin’ Bobby & Hidden Charms – Big Legged Woman

His first CD ever!!!

Smilin’ Bobby always played in small clubs or in corner taverns way out in the suburbs. He is for many blues lovers the favorite unknown bluesman in Chicago. His guitar style is a cross between Magic Slim’s stinging leads and Magic Sam’s cool little rhythm fills while his great singing doesn’t really sound like anyone else.

In 1958 Smilin’ Bobby started to play music in clubs and playing at Maxwell Street Sunday mornings beginning around 1961 or 62. He became a close friend to Magic Sam and used to hang around at his house. Smilin’ Bobby got his nickname around 62 or 63 because he was always grinning so much. He was influenced by Jimmy Reed and Willie Mabon, also Little Milton, Albert Collins and Albert King. His guitar style is not Delta Blues it is much more modern, somewhere in between R’n‘B and Chicago Blues.

He is now 69 years old and his son Carlos Showers is another great guitar player who played in Willie Kent’s band the Gents.

Nobody knows why Smilin’ Bobby has no CD out until now – but it doesn’t matter. On his Wolf CD you will listen to the best hidden Chicago Blues talent since Vance Kelly.

Smilin’ Bobby is very young with his 69 years!


CD 120.820

Magic Slim & The Teardrops – Rough Dried Woman

“Rough Dried Woman” is the best CD of the WC Handy Blues Award Winners Magic Slim & The Teardrops, the best blues band on the planet. This CD includes three never recorded songs.

Magic Slim: vocals, guitar
Nick Holt: bass
John Primer: guitar, vocals
Jerry Porter: drums
Nathan Applewhite: drums
Michael Scott: drums
Earl Howell: drums


Eddie Taylor Jr., Harmonica Hinds and Tré - From The Country To The City

CD 120.819

Eddie Taylor Jr., Harmonica Hinds and Tré – From The Country To The City

From The Country To The City is a compilation of pure from the heart blues.

This is the VERY BEST UNPLUGGED CHICAGO BLUES CD EVER! Wolf producer Hannes Folterbauer got the idea to put three great Chicago Blues artists together in a studio to recreate a sound like the one of Muddy Waters together with Buddy Boy and Willie Dixon 50 years ago. (all played acoustic instruments)

Harmonic Hinds was a part of the young generation of Chicago Blues that Living Blues founder Jim O´Neal brought to Europe 30 years ago. He is a great harmonica player and singer! Besides Sugar Blue and Billy Branch he is the main figure of Chicago Harmonic Blues today.

TRE is the son of the SOUTHSIDE LEGEND L.V. Banks and, even though he is still young, he produced many CDs of his own for JSP and WOLF. He is not just a great singer and guitar player, but also a fantastic song writer. On this CD he wrote the title song as well as the great Church Bells Blues.

The last member of this unplugged Blues Trio is the son of Chicago Blues legend Eddie Taylor, Eddie Taylor Junior. He plays on his father´s old red gibson guitar just the real blues, NOTHING ELSE. He already had three WOLF CDs released on his own. This helped him to get gigs at the Chicago Blues Festival and on many different festivals in EUROPE – especially in France. Eddie Taylor jr. can both play the down home blues style of his father and sing his own songs with some modern guitar playing.

LISTEN TO THIS CD and you will know that the Blues will never die!
MUDDY WATERS will be happy to have these young folks in Chicago!

MEMPHIS SLIM - Nobody Loves Me (Everyday I Have The Blues)

BC – 008

Memphis Slim – Nobody Loves Me (Everyday I Have The Blues)


Listen free mp3 samples:
Little Bluebird
Bump And Grind

CD 120.818

Vance Kelly – Blue Bird

EDDIE TAYLOR JR. - I Got To Make This Money, Baby


CD 120.817

Eddie Taylor Jr. – I Got To Make This Money, Baby

EDDIE C. CAMPBELL - Mind Trouble

EDDIE C. CAMPBELL - Mind Trouble

CD 120.816

Eddie C. Campbell – Mind Trouble

AL COOK - The Barrelhouse Man

Al Cook - The Barrelhouse Man

CD 120.975

Al Cook – The Barrelhouse Man

Karin Daym, Rev. Frank TT, Charly Lloyd, Harry Hudson, Peter Strutzenberger


Robert Pete Williams - Louise
Listen free mp3 samples:
Big Fat Mama
Mr. Charly

CD 120.912

Robert Pete Williams – Louise

Live at the University of Miami – Florida, 1974

BIG JOE WILLIAMS - Shake Your Boogie

BIG JOE WILLIAMS - Shake Your Boogie

CD 120.916

Big Joe Williams – Shake Your Boogie

Big Joe Williams is one of the legends in both of the prewar and postwar country blues. The prewar recordings you’ll find on the CD WB003 – “Baby Please Don’t Go” and one of the best postwar LIVE-recordings on the CD 120.916 “Shake your Boogie”.

Big Joe was born on Oct. 16, 1903 in Crawford, Mississippi and developed a style of his own with his nine string guitar. He had a similar style like Tommy McClennan (WBCD-001) and Robert Petwoy (WBCD 005) (both also available on WOLF Records).

He toured in Europe and played at every important blues Festival in the U.S.. These recordings are live recordings – recorded in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI, Nov 22, 74.




CD 120.814

Carlos Johnson & Lefty Dizz – The Healer

This is the story of this recordings that Wolf is now presenting. When we started producing shows there was always the intention to hire Magic Slim. We had already done shows with James Cotton and Hubert Sumlin in December 1992 and Jimmy Rogers and …
read more »

DANA GILLESPIE - These Blue Nights

DANA GILLESPIE - These Blue Nights

CD 120.974

Dana Gillespie – These Blue Nights

“I believe the blues should be sung by an older person because it’s about emotions and experience. I couldn’t do justice to it when I was younger because my voice didn’t have the edge it needed to convey the emotion, nor did I have the first hand experience to sing about blue themes convincingly.”

But after 40 years in music and over 50 albums Dana Gillespie is well qualified to sing the blues. A career that combined radio, theatre, film and sport (she was once British junior water-skiing champion) with music, Dana has been in the public eye since recording her first album at the age of 15. Her music has evolved from folk in the 60s through 70s Bowie-esque glam-rock to the raunchy in-your-face blues she performs today.
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CD 120.813

Eddie Taylor Jr. – Mind Game

Eddie Taylor Jr., formerly known as Edward Taylor, is the son of the legendary Eddie Taylor.
Eddie Jr was initially more interested in Hip Hop, but one day he was infected with the blues spirit of his father. Today he is one of the leaders of Chicago Blues.

His sophisticated playing allows him to bring back some old favourites and add his own new tunes which are a too tricky for the average blues bar band.

After his former Wolf Records releases
“Tribute To Eddie Taylor” (120.890) and
“Worried About My Baby” (120.811),
now comes his brandnew masterpiece!

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CD 120.812

Vivian Vance Kelly – Hit Me Up

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CD 120.305

Magic Slim & The Teardrops – Highway Is My Home

“Highway is my home” is the last CD of the legendary

“Zoo Bar” is a blues club in Lincoln, Nebraska, where Magic Slim and his band perform several times a year.

The atmosphere this CD is creating is just amazing – 100 % original Chicago Blues!!!



CD 120.864

Magic Slim & The Teardrops – Live On The Road

Wolf Records gained the WC Handy Blues Award for this CD in the late eighties. It features all great live songs from the best Chicago Blues band on the planet.

Band members besides the legendary Magic Slim are John Primer, Nick Holt and Earl Howell.

ERIC TRAUNER - Up Slide Down

ERIC TRAUNER - Up Slide Down

CD 120.958

Eric Trauner – Up Slide Down

Erik Trauner’s “Up Slide Down” was out of production for a long time. Now it´s available again!

Erik Trauner is the founder of the “Mojo Bluesband”, one of Europe´s leading traditional bluesbands for 30 years.

He can be considered as one of a handful of acoustic bottleneck guitar masters performing today – a mastery acquired by years of dedication, effort and by on the premises observation of authentic artists.



CD 120.711

Eddie Taylor – Bad Boy

Eddie Taylor is the incarnation of a Chicago Blues artist, he is a godsend right from Blues Heaven.

He created the sound of Jimmy Reed and is responsible for the legendary blues songs “Big Town Playboy” and “Bad Boy”.

On this CD, he performs with his Original Westside Blues Band, including J.B. Moore, Willie Kent and Larry & Tim Taylor.

MAGIC SLIM - Tin Pan Alley

MAGIC SLIM - Tin Pan Alley

CD 120.809

Magic Slim – Tin Pan Alley

Release Date: March 1st 2006

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CD 120.104

Blues Guitar Killers

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FRANK EDWARDS - Georgia Country Blues

FRANK EDWARDS - Georgia Country Blues

CD 120.913

Frank Edwards – Georgia Country Blues

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VANCE KELLY - Nobody Has The Power

VANCE KELLY - Nobody Has The Power

CD 120.815

Vance Kelly – Nobody Has The Power

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EDDIE “Vaan” SHAW - Give Me Time

EDDIE "VAAN" SHAW - Give Me Time

CD 120.894

Eddie “Vaan” Shaw – Give Me Time

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AL COOK - The Birmingham Jam

AL COOK - The Birmingham Jam

CD 120.973

Al Cook – The Birmingham Jam

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CD 120.807

The Best Of West & South Side Blues Singers – Vol. 2

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WSE 117

Country Blues Women – Vol. I

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NATE TURNER - Hard Times

NATE TURNER - Hard Times
Listen free mp3 samples:
Hard Times
Evil Woman
Your Mama

CD 120.810

Nate Turner – Hard Times

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EDDIE TAYLOR Jr. - Worried About My Baby

EDDIE TAYLOR Jr. - Worried About My Baby

CD 120.811

Eddie Taylor Jr. – Worried About My Baby

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VANCE KELLY - Live at Lee´s Unleaded

VANCE KELLY - Live at Lee´s Unleaded

CD 120.806

Vance Kelly – Live at Lee´s Unleaded

Release Date: 03/31/2003

This is the first Live-CD by Vance Kelly ever, recorded at one of the most famous blues clubs at the southside,
LEES UNLEADED! He has his own band at this gig – THE BACKSTREET BLUES BAND. Also a special guest appears at this historic concert – VIVIAN KELLY, Vance’s daughter. You can listen to 70 minutes of great blues, soul music-tunes and R&B songs. At last listen to great sound & song-examples of his CD: ENJOY!!

Vance Kelly CDs on WOLF RECORDS:
CD 120.887 Call Me – Living Blues Awards Winner
CD 120.886 Joyriding in the Subway
CD 120.891 Hands Off
CD 120.801 What Three Old Ladies Can Do

!! Vance Kelly – Living Blues Awards & Chicago Music Awards – Winner !!

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JOHN PRIMER - Blue Steel

JOHN PRIMER - Blue Steel

CD 120.808

John Primer – Blue Steel

John Primer CDs on WOLF RECORDS:
CD 120.306: Zoo bar Collection Vol. 5 (live!)
CD 120.885: Cold Blooded Blues Man
CD 120.899: It´s A Blues Life
CD 120.852: Poor Man Blues
CD 120.875: Blues Behind Closed Doors

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BC – 006

Big Bill Broonzy – Big Bill Blues

Big Bill Broonzy CDs on WOLF RECORDS:
BoB 2: Big Bill Broonzy

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Best of Blues Vol.5

Best of Blues Vol.5  Best of Blues Vol.5  

Best of Blues Vol.6

Best of Blues Vol.6  Best of Blues Vol.6  

Best of Blues Vol.7

Best of Blues Vol.7  Best of Blues Vol.7  

Best of Blues Vol.8

Best of Blues Vol.8  Best of Blues Vol.8