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Katie Kern & Band @ JAZZLAND


March 26th, it was the week before eastern, and Monday and all people were on vacation – but the Vienna Blues Club JAZZLAND was crowded! Wolf-Records artist Katie Kern played a great gig there with a great band to promote her Wolf-CD “Blues for the Highway”.


Her first song was, of course the title song of the CD (Wolf Records CD 120983), but she also played “Respect”, “Drink Muddy Water”, “Wait on Time” and a great version of “Route 66”. Also some Blues standards like “5 long Years” and “Blues is my Business”. The audience don´t let Katie go before she played 2 more songs from her new CD! Austria & Europe can be proud to have an artist like her!! Her voice and guitar style is unique and she can win every guitar battle with the US-Bluesguitar ladies!


Her style has some of Magic Slim, B.B. King and T-Bone Walker, but she mixed it to a style of her own!


The band includes Jörg Danielsen on guitar and vocals, Walter Walterson on bass and Reinhard Dlappa on drums. It was a great night full of Blues!!



Radio Charts


Homesick James stays in the Charts…


#7 @ CFRO “Blues in the Dark”

100.5 FM – 3218 Yukon St. Vancouver, Canada


#7 @ WITR Bad Dog Blues

89.7 FM – 32 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, NY


#10 @ WCNI Blues

90.9 FM – 270 Mohegan Ave. NEW LONDON



Radio Charts February


Another new month for great Blues and for one of our new releases –


Homesick James got #1 at the

WITR´s Bad Dog Blues – Top 30 for 1st March

89.7 FM – 1613 Rochester Street, Lima, New York


#1 Homesick JamesShake your Money Maker – WOLF Records CD 120410


In his last 20 years Homesick recorded some CD´s… mostly with different Bluesbands, but Homesick recorded always the same songs… (“Got To Move”…)


On this CD are three different recording sessions… the first was a live recording of Homesick alone, the second part is a live recording m 1979 with Snooky Pryor and the last part is a recording at Homesick´s home at N. orth street in Chicago from 1975.


All These recordings have never been before on LP or CD and there are songs which Homesick has never recorded again in the last 20 years of his life.


#12 Vance KellyHow can I Miss you when you won´t leave – Wolf Records CD 120838


Vance Kelly, Wolf Artist since 20 years and Living Blues Award Winner, recorded a new CD in Chicago. There is a mix from Blues, R&B and soul!! Vance played at the Chicago Blues Fest 2017 and it was a great success! All songs on the CD are brand new!!


Vance Kelly on wolf-cd´s:


120818 – “Bluebird”


120828 – “Tell Me Why”


120832 – “Live at Kingston Mines”





WCNI New Release Blues Playlist – February 2018


90.9 FM – 270 Mohegan Ave., New London


#4 -  Homesick JamesShake your Money Maker – WOLF Records CD 120410



!!! Release Date: 20th March !!!



BC013 – Memphis Minnie – “killer Diller Blues“...Her greatest 24 songs!!



Memphis Minnie was the greatest “woman with guitar”! She played with great musicians like Casey Bill Weldon, Kansas Joe McCoy and Little Son Joe, who also became her husbands. In the 20´s, she also played with Willie Brown, Robert Johnson´s “Friend Boy”. Her hits were “Bumble Bee”, “Me and My Chauffeur Blues” and many more!


On this CD are her best recordings from the 30´s to the 50´s. The great Bukka White said: “She was about the best thing goin´in the woman line”.




UPC: 799582601322



Blues Awards & Grammy Awards Winner John Primer celebrates these days his 73rd birthday!  



Since 32 years, Wolf Records and John work together and he is now one of the last (beside Lurrie Bell und a few others), who still plays the traditional Chicago Blues! Happy Birthday John!!!



Wolf Records and the Grammy Award Nominee 2018


R.L. Boyce – A true Story 


Como, MISS,… Blues Man R. L. Boyce got a Grammy-Nomination in the category “Best traditional Blues Album” for his “Roll and Tumble” US-release.


 Como, MISS had great artists in the past! Fred Mc Dowell was the greatest, but there are also Jessie Mae Hemphill, Ranie Burnette, Othar Turner, Napoleon Strickland and – R.L. Boyce! Wolf recorded in the past the great Jessie Mae, also Ranie Burnette and – January 2017 – R.L. Boyce! Wolf Records owner Hannes Folterbauer was in January 2017 in Memphis to get the “Keep The Blues Alive” – Award. He recorded Little Willie Farmer and visited R.L. Boyce in Como. He recorded 12 great songs in his home – also some of his own like “Lonesome Road” or “Ain´t the Man Alright”.


Wolf Records recorded so many artists for the first time – like John Primer, Johnny B. Moore or Eddie Taylor Jr. and it is a surprise, that this time we will produce a CD with a Grammy Award nominated artist!


 The CD, “The Best of Como, MISS. Blues” will be out soon!! – CD 120943!!



Eddie Shaw & Wolf Records

The Chicago Blues Legend Eddie Shaw died – RIP (20th March 1937 – 29th January 2018)

In July 1975, Wolf Records Producer Hannes Folterbauer met Eddie Shaw for the first time. He played with Howling Wolf´s band, called “The Howling Wolf Gang” in the 1815 Club, West Roosevelt, which was owned by Howling Wolf himself.

I had a conversation there with him about a Gig in Europe. The band played there for three evenings and I was there every time. The Band consisted with Hubert Sumlin, Detroit Jr., Kansas City Red and Bob Anderson.

The Wolf played guitar and harp and his singing was great – but his health was poor and he died in January 1976. Since 1976 until 2018, Eddie played with his band in Wolfs sense – I could see Eddie 2015 the last time at the Chicago Blues Festival – and his son – Vaan – like always – played on guitar! Also, I was glad that Eddie played at my hometown, Vienna, with his great band!

I had the pleasure to produce 3 Cd´s with this master of the West Side Blues – both on saxophone & harmonica! He played also on different record sessions as a sideman! (On a Willie Kent Live CD, or on some Magic Slim recordings!)

His first CD for Wolf Records was “The Blues is Good News” in 1991 with the Wolf Gang, Leo Davis and John Primer. On this CD are Eddies self-penned songs like “The Blues is Good News” and “Fannie Mae Jones” and Wolf-songs like “Red Rooster” and “44 Blues”. 

1993 -1994 Eddie Shaw recorded his second CD in Chicago “Home Alone” – with his great westside sound! On this CD he played with a great Studio Band – Willie Kent, Johnny B. Moore, Tim Taylor, Ken Barker, Detroit Jr. and Vaan Shaw! 

Also on this CD, he mixed songs of his own (“Lickskillet, Mississippi”) with Blues-Standards like “Walkin´in the Moonlight”. His last CD for Wolf has been recorded 1996 and titled “Too Many Highways” – Wolf Songs like “Built for Comfort” and Shaw Songs like “Ode to Howling Wolf”. All these CD´s tell the Blues World, that we lost one of the BEST – R.I.P., Eddie!!!!



Radio Charts 


WITR 89,7 : Radio´s Bad Dog Blues Playlist– Top 30 January 2018


(1613 Rochester Street, Lima, New York)




 10. Little Willie Farmer – I´m Coming Back Home

(Wolf Records 120.939)



Memphis Special



The Forgotten Award




The W. C. Handy Blues Awards 1988

 Traditional Blues Album of the year – Giants of Country Blues Guitar 1967 -1981


Other nominations:


Blues (Moses rascoe ), Chicago Style (Yank Rachel)


Wolf Records international got another Blues Award 1988 which has been forgotten. Wolf Records never got this Award, because the owners were not present at the prize-giving ceremony! But, we are sure, that the Blues Foundation will help us in that case! The Title on this CD is “The Giants of Country Blues Guitar Vol. 1” (Wolf CD 120911) and features field recordings from Memphis & Mississippi from 1967 -1981. The artists are all from the Who Is Who list of the Country Blues: Jack Owens, Sam Chatmon, Jessie Mae Hemphill, Eugene Powell, Son House and many more!! Thanks to the Blues Foundation for this sixth Award for Wolf Records international!


Sad news:


R.I.P. Preston Shannon -the King of Beale Street died on January 22, 2018


Shannon was a Blues guitarist, singer and song writer. He performed regularly at B.B. King´s Blues Club on Beale and also played at Beale Street Music Festival. He recorded many Albums like “Midnight in Memphis”, “Break The Ice” and “Goin´ Back to Memphis”. His Albums and live Shows are an electric mix of danceable, grooving tunes and slow, soulful ballads. – The Blues World will miss him!!



International Blues Challenge 2018



During the last week, the Blues Foundation presented two great events:


The International Blues Challenge and the “Keeping the Blues Alive – Award” Winners presentation!


One of the Award got the owner of Document Records, created by Johnny Parth. Many Blues Societies worldwide sent their winners to the IBC and the Beale Street was full of music these days!




The 2018 winners are (incomplete):


Best Band Winner: Keesha Pratt Band


Best Solo/Duo Winner: Kevin Burt


Billy Branch played on One of the Shows on Beale Street







concert dates in Austria




Al Cook


Saturday, 3rd March 2018


im Schutzhaus Schmelz








Great Birthday Jamboree for the 73rd birthday of the domestic Blues pioneer.




As every year, the pioneer of Austrian Blues celebrates his birthday at the Schutzhaus in Vienna. May the Blues concept have changed over the years, Al Cook has always remained true to himself and has been for over half a century as the guarantor of authenticity!



Katie Kern Live




26th March


Jazzland, Vienna




! Two brand new releases on December6th !




Vance Kelly…




“How Can I Miss you, when you won´t leave” – on cd 120838



Vance Kelly, Wolf Artist for over 20 years and Living Blues Award Winner, recorded a new CD in Chicago.

This is a mix of Blues, R&B and Soul!! Vance played at the Chicago Blues Fest 2017 and was a great success!

All songs on the CD are brand new!!                                                            GoToCD


Homesick James




“Shake your money maker” – on cd 120410


UPC 799582041029



In his last 20 years Homesick recorded some CD´s… mostly with different Bluesbands, but Homesick always  recorded the same songs… (“Got To Move”…)

On this CD are three different recording sessions… the first part is a live recording of Homesick alone, the second part is a live recording from 1979 with Snooky Pryor and the last part is a recording at Homesick´s home at N. Bosworth street in Chicago from 1975.

All These recordings have never been on LP or CD before and there are songs which Homesick has never recorded again in the last 20 years of his life.                        GoToCD               



John Primer – Our Grats!


John Primer received on Sunday, 21st October 2017 his Chicago Blues Hall of Fame Award! 


Thank you, John for keeping them down home blues alive!



Wolf Artist Eddie Taylor Jr. was inducted into


the Chicago Blues hall of Fame in October 2017


Congrats Eddie!


Wolf Artist Vance Kelly was inducted into


the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame in October 2017


Congrats Vance!


C r i t i c s





Ce Dell Davis


Ce Dell Davis, a musician from Helena, Arkansas died Septemer 27th, 2017. He was 91 years old. He played harmonica and guitar. He had a special slide guitar style using a knife, because he had severe polio in his youth. He played with Robert Nighthawk and recorded for Fat Possum. On the Wolf CD 120920 he played songs of his own, both on harp & guitar. He was a legend!



Back in Stock


120890 - Eddie Taylor Jr. “Lookin´ For Trouble”


This CD is a tribute to Eddie´s father, Eddie “Big Town Playboy” Taylor. All his famous songs are on this CD: from “Bad Boy” to “Big Town Playboy”! The band members are all from Eddie “senior” Bluesband: Johnny B. Moore, Willie Kent & Larry Taylor. Special Guests are Vera Taylor on vocals & Eddie Shaw on sax!
On This CD the future of the Blues comes together with the history!



120291 – Chicago All Stars


1969 Willie Dixon formed this group! 1970 they played in Boston. Johnny Shines played on guitar, Sunnyland Slim on piano, Walter Horton on harp, Willie Dixon on Bass and Clifton James was on drums. They changed the Vocals during the session, so you can listen to different music styles!
This CD is a must for ALL Chicago Blues Fans!!!


O U T    N O W

Katie Kern


Katie Kern was born in Vienna in 1973.
Her parents, both art teachers, sensed the musical talent in little Katie and gave her extensive classical piano lessons.Her dad, an accomplished piano player taught her improvisational skills and some singing techniques.
Right at the time of her highschool graduation Katie picked up the guitar and turned her back on classical music. She managed to teach herself by copying music from Beatles records, and in 1994 she had a life changing experience- her encounter with the Blues.

By coincidence, watching the Ry Cooder movie “Crossroads”, she became infatuated with historic Blues, especially the outstanding music of Robert Johnson. To learn how to play guitar solos she listened to the CD of B.B.King “Live in Cook County Jail” and strong influences were Bonnie Raitt and Mississippi John Hurt. In Vienna she learned a lot about both – Chicago and Country Blues - from Austrian Blues Stars like Al Cook, Siggi Fassl and Hannes Kasehs.

She started playing live in 1998 when she led the “Monday Blues Sessions” at the Club “Papas Tapas” in Vienna, where she played with famous musicians like Oskar Klein, who fancied her guitar picking and expressive vocals and introduced her to the European Jazz and Blues community.

She fell in love with Viennese guitar god Peter Kern; they even got married for a short time. Early in 1999 producer and owner of the renowned Austrian Blues label WOLF Records offered Katie an opportunity to record a session at the Viennese Club “Bluesman Café” featuring special guest Peter Kern on some of the tunes. He was surprised that a young Lady like Katie could sing so strongly and play great guitar licks like she does!

Katie´s originals, exclusive to this special record, mostly tell the story of her marriage and her early experiences as a working live musician gradually becoming part of the Blues community.

Listen to Katie, she has Blues in her blood!!

CD 120.983 !!!
UPC 799582098320                       Go to CD

Larry Hoffman Quote: "One of the finest indie Blues Labels in the World! Proud to have once been their liner-note writer! Ongoing Congrats to CEO/Founder Hannes!”

.... Thank you Larry!

Chicago Blues Hall of Fame

On Sunday, 15th October 2017 the two Wolf artists Eddie Taylor Jr. and Vance Kelly are going to receive a Blues Master Award 2017 at Buddy Guys Legends!

At this event our great artist John Primer gets a Blues Legend Award!

Little Willie Farmer

Little Willie Farmer was born 1956 in Duck Hill, Mississippi. He learned the blues from his Uncle Waldo, who also influenced Leo Bud Welch. He first played church songs then after that he performed blues with artists like Johnnie Billington, Bobby Rush and Lynn White. He can play both country blues and funky blues songs. On his first CD on Wolf he plays self-penned country blues songs like "Rock me Baby" or "Goin To Louisiana".

CD 120.939
UPC 799582093929        GoToCD.


Eddie Taylor Jr. - Stop Breaking Down - OUT NOW!

Accompanying Eddie on this latest album is Tony Palmer on 2nd guitar, Greg McDaniel on bass, Timothy Taylor on Drums, and Harmonica Hinds and Bob Waleso sharing duties on harmonica.

Goto CD

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