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VANCE KELLY - Nobody Has The Power
CD 120.815
VANCE KELLY - Nobody Has The Power
Produced by Vance Kelly and Hannes Folterbauer
Recorded Oct. 5 & 6 2003 at CRC Music Studio, Chicago, Ill, by Ron Lowe
Edited and mixed by Gerhard Wessely, Soundborn Studio Vienna
Liner notes by Camilla Kelly
Cover Photo by Byron Graves, booklet photos by Byron Graves and Hannes Folterbauer
Cover Design by Harald Ergott
Vance KellyLead Guitarist, Vocals
Mark MillerBass guitar
Charles HancockDrums
Edward WilliamsSaxophone
Melvin Robinson and John WallsKeyboards
Viviane Vance KellyVocals on track 10
Vance Kelly and Viviane Vance KellyVocals on track 3
Charles Hancock, Mark Miller, John Walls and Melvin RobinsonBackground Vocals
Listen free mp3 samples :
Change My Mind
I'll Play The Blues For You
Nobody Has The Power
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Vance & Vivian Kelly "Nobody Has The Power" is a family project in which Vance Kelly and his daughter Vivian Vance Kelly sings duet on three songs that were written by his wife Camilla Kelly entitled "Nobody Has The Power", "Sending You A Message" and "Finally I Found You".

Vivian Kelly Vivian, who is a very talented performer and writer, has worked with Vance before on one of his previous CD’s "Joy Riding ln The Subway". Vivian also performs a pizzazz solo Rhythm and Blues song that she also wrote "As Simple As This".

The other songs that you will here on this CD are some of Vance’s favorites, but of course if you are truly a Vance Kelly’s fan then you already know that he plays the songs his way. Vance states "I want my listeners to feel my music" and one of the featured songs from this CD "Say You Love Me" is just a perfect example of his way.

Vance Kelly and The Backstreet Blues Band As you sit back and relax with your true love in your arms and you both listen to Melvin Robinson as he adds a gentle melody at the beginning of the song on the keyboards and backup vocals from Charles Hancock, Mark Miller, John Walls and Edward Williams (saxophone) are absolutely great! And Vance Kelly (lead vocalist) whose voice gives this song a melody that when it is all sung and done, it is truly a melody sung from Vance’s heart.

"Nobody Has The Power" is Vance "Guitar" Kelly’s sixth CD with the Wolf Records Label. This CD is another successful project in which Vance and his Backstreet Blues Band continues to project their talent into songs anywhere from R/B music to Blues.

Vance KellyVance knows exactly what to play for his music listeners and he states "I am happy to be a part of the Wolf Records Label, because they allow me to express myself through my music whichmakes me and my music listener’s happy". Vance also states that "Each song that I sing on my CD’s is what I feel and when I can feel my music I can project a good performance to the ears of each and every one of my listeners."

Vance Kelly got a Living Blues Award for his first Wolf-CD, "Call Me" (120.877 CD) and got also great critics for his following CDs, especially for his last CD, a live CD, "Live at Lee’s Unleaded Blues" (120.806 CD). Vance Kelly & his Backstreet Blues Band are today


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VANCE KELLY - Live at Lee's Unleaded

Release Date: 03/31/2003

This is the first Live-CD by Vance Kelly ever, recorded at one of the most famous blues clubs at the southside,
LEES UNLEADED! He has his own band at this gig - THE BACKSTREET BLUES BAND. Also a special guest appears at this historic concert - VIVIAN KELLY, Vance's daughter. You can listen to 70 minutes of great blues, soul music-tunes and R&B songs. At last listen to great sound & song-examples of his CD:       ENJOY!!

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CD 120.886:Joyriding in the Subway
CD 120.891:Hands Off
CD 120.801: What Three Old Ladies Can Do
NEW!!CD 120.806:VANCE KELLY - Live at Lee's Unleaded
!! Vance Kelly - Living Blues Awards & Chicago Music Awards - Winner !!
Listen free mp3 samples :
Vance Kelly: Next Time I See You
Vance Kelly: Members Only
Vance Kelly: Tell Me Why
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The Blues has a future - Vance Kelly !!!

Vance Kelly - The Candylicker - was born on January 24, 1954, to parents who had moved to Chicago from Missouri and Mississippi. In the early 1960s, the couple noticed their son was developing an interest in music, and they presented him with his first guitar when he was seven years old. Kelley became proficient on the instrument after a short period of practice. He never took a lesson.

Kelly's introduction to the blues as a musical form came in the early 60s, when he sat at the feet of his uncle, mechanic and part-time blues musician LeRoy McCauley. Kelly's father was a gospel musician and he encouraged his son in his attempts at playing that form of Christian music.

Kelly played his first blues gig at the age of ten at a city school. He was noticed by singer Mary Lane, who saw promise in the boy's playing. When he was 15, Lane asked Kelly to sit in with her at one of her club dates.

Kelly almost lost his direction in the blues when disco became popular in the 70s. He came back to the blues in 1979.

Kelly counts Lane among his most important teachers, as well as Chicago's Buddy Scott and Johnny Christian. His other influences include Albert Collins, B. B. King, and Muddy Waters. It was saxman A. C. Reed, however, who exposed Kelly to three years of life on the blues road - and the larger audiences he may one day face on his own.

Kelly's musical style is a mix of his blues, funk, and disco roots. His guitar solos are multinoted and precise, and though he is quite fast, he still manages to squeeze a great amount of feeling from every note.

In 1995 Kelly won the "Living Blues Award for the Best Contemporary Blues Album" with his Wolf Records' CD "Call Me". One song of this CD even got into the US radio charts: "Wall to Wall". Kelly has already played at various blues festivals like e.g. at the Chicago Blues Festival 1998 and in the best blues clubs in the US like e.g. in Buddy Guy's club "Buddy Guy's Legends". Wolf Records has also released his third CD (after "Call Me" and "Joyridin' in the Subway") with the title "Hands Off".

He has also done three concert tours in Europe between 1999 and 2002 and released his fourth Wolf CD in 2000, "What three old Ladies can do". Last not least Vance Kelly is the two-times Chicago Music Awards-winner for being the best blues entertainer 2000 & 2001!!

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