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A TRIP to Memphis & Mississippi

Last February 2017 I made a trip to Memphis to get a “Keeping The Blues Alive” – Award for Wolf Records from the blues foundation.


Here I met some great friends from France, but also Michael Frank, Bruce Iglauer and Kenny O’ Neal.



At my speech I said thank you to Eddie Taylor Senior, Willie Kent, Magic Slim and John Primer, who helped me to record a lot of great Chicago Blues CDs!! Also I went to Grenada, Slims Hometown and then to Duck Hill Mississippi, where I met the great Little Willie Farmer.

I recorded some great songs by him both on electric and acoustic guitar, also great self-penned songs like “I’m Coming Back Home”!



Also the international Blues Challenge 2017 was in Memphis where a lot of Bluesbands from everywhere want to win. 

In Holy Springs, Mississippi,

I met Joe Ayers and his son Trenton. Joe Aylers can also play the Hill Country Blues created by R.L. Burnside.


At last I went to Como, Mississippi, the hometown of Fred McDowell and Jessie Mae Hemphill and also R.L. Boyce, a legend of his own.

He showed me the house, where Fred McDowell lived, and played a lot of songs of his own (“Ain’t The Man Alright” or “One Of These Days”) and Hill County Blues – A CD with him & some Jessie Mae songs will come out soon!


Although my trip was very short, I heard a lot of country blues!  



CD 120.837


In the 90’s Big Wheeler was a friend of the great “Jimmy Johnson”.  Jimmy himself produced a CD that Big Wheeler could sell from stage. Wolf Records received this CD from Big Wheeler himself to publish it but just one year ago Jimmy and Wolf Records made an agreement to release it. There are 8 songs by Big Wheeler and one instrumental by Jimmy Johnson himself

(“Blue Guitar”). And all sidemen instruments were played by Jimmy himself.

There are also two recordings from a record session in 1989 with the Wolf All Star Blues Band including John Primer, Willie Kent & Tim Taylor.


Enjoy!! That CD is the real ‘Chicago Blues Deal’! 



CD BC 012 


Lead Belly was a great blues and folk singer, a songwriter and a guitarist who performed a vast repertoire of songs and influenced a lot of musicians like Bob Dylan, JACK White, Tom Waits and Kurt Cobain. He is a main part of North-American MUSIC-HISTORY (culture). What Lead Belly made famous was his unique singing of his deep, beautiful and resonating voice. He also had a special way of playing his powerful twelve string guitar.

Many of his songs became classic, like Goodnight IreneMidnight SpecialWhere Did You Sleep Last NightGood Morning BluesRock Island landCotton fields and many more on this CD!


CD 120.836

John Primer & The real Deal Blues Band’s new CD on Wolf Records! The last time John Primer recorded with his own band on Wolf Records was way back in 2003 on the Blue Steel, Elmore James Tribute CD.


The Real Deal Band members on this CD are the best of the best in blues music today – Bill Lupkin on harmonica has a very long historic career playing with all the legendary blues musicians including Jimmy Rogers!


Melvin Smith (bass) began his historic career with the Queen herself, Koko Taylor as well as Legendary Lurrie Bell, and Lenny Media’s amazing Chicago Blues career on drums began with Magic Slim und Lindsey Alexander.




CD 120.937

Little Willie Farmer was born 1956 in Duck Hill, Mississippi. He learned the blues from his Uncle Waldo, who also influenced Leo Bud Welch. He first played church songs after that he performed blues with artists like Johnnie Billington, Bobby Rush and Lynn White. 

He can play both country blues and funky blues songs! On his first CD on Wolf he plays self penned country blues songs and also traditional

Blues songs like “Rock Me Baby” or “Goin To Louisiana”.




 CD 120.410

1979 Homesick James toured Europe with his Buddy Snooky Pryor and Austrian Band. None of these songs have ever been on LP or CD before! Cause we found so much great

songs by Homesick we have to release a CD with him alone.

Here is a list of his best songs:

“Woman I Love” ; “Kissin’ In The Dark” ; “Dust My Broom” ; “Got To Move” and “Shake Your Money Maker”.

Homesick had always problems with chord Changes, but his voice and slide playing is phenomenal - This is the BLUES



CD 120.980


1999 we had the idea to produce a CD with Austrians (probably only) blues guitar woman and singer Katie Kern.


Christian Dozzler left Austria for Texas and so we got his band to support Katie! You listen to great covers, but also many originals like Route 66, CAB Riding Blues, Drink Muddy Water, Respect a.m.o.


Although there are already a few women in the Blues Scene, Katie is very unique. She represents and honors traditional Blues with her music. 


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